Will Investors Continue To Watch These 2 Marijuana Stocks?

If you are looking for the best marijuana stocks to buy now is a good time as any. Right now marijuana stocks are still being impacted by the current downtrend. Some investors feel the downward trading that occurred on Monday is from Aphria Inc. missing its mark on its recent earnings report. Other investors feel this may set the tone of a longer downtrend as other Canadian marijuana stocks may not reach their projections as more earnings are set to come out.

For reasons like these is why many investors are focusing heavily on the U.S. cannabis industry. Even though many U.S. cannabis stocks are down in trading as well. So with this low point gives more people the chance to look for the best marijuana stocks to buy. Many of the top gainers are showing decent entry points which can provide a chance to see a nice return once cannabis stocks start to recover.

However, there is nothing set in stone or a time frame of when this may be. Yet even in this downtrend, some marijuana stocks have been seeing a small uptick in trading. Even though these small rises in trading for some marijuana stocks are short-lived it gives shareholders a chance to take some profit. Due to how volatile marijuana stocks trade things can change quickly in the market.

That’s why it’s best to build a marijuana stock watchlist before investing. Once this is done you want to research all you can and set a game plan for investing in the marijuana stocks of your choosing. This will help limit your risk and maximize your gains if executed correctly. Investing is always a risk to proceed with patience and caution. The marijuana stocks below maybe 2 options to consider for your April watchlist.

Cannabis Stocks To Watch This Month

  1. Aphria Inc. (NASDAQ:APHA)
  2. MediPharm Labs Corp. (OTC:MEDIF)

Aphria Inc.

Aphria Inc. is one Canadian marijuana stock that has shown to miss its mark in recent earnings. As well the company’s current earnings report has not resonated well amongst other cannabis stocks. Some analysts feel this is adding to the already current drop in trading for marijuana stocks. Yet just a short while ago APHA stock was seeing better market levels. At the start of the new year, APHA stock was able to increase its trading momentum. marijuana stocks on Robinhood Aphria Inc. (APHA)

From January 4th to the 10th of February APHA stock was able to sustain this upward push before losing its momentum. During this rally, APHA stock reached gains of 260 percent which at the moment was a strong sign of growth potential. Yet shortly after the 10th of February APHA stocks started their initial descend in the market. During this drop-in trading, there was a small recovery period in March but ultimately APHA stock dropped in more. However, some of the more positive highlights in this recent report are finalizing the deal with Tilray Inc.

As well the company recorded its eighth consecutive quarter of positive adjusted EBITDA2 and positive adjusted EBITDA from cannabis business. Right now is a crucial time for marijuana stocks and the cannabis industry with all the work being done to legalize cannabis on a federal. Investors hope that things turn around for APHA stock as more progress continues for the entire cannabis industry.

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MediPharm Labs Corp.

MediPharm Labs Corp. is yet another marijuana stock to watch that is working to reach higher market levels. In the company’s most recent news they announced completing its first high THC cannabis export to Peru. This is an essential move for import export-based business models for future cannabis companies to follow.

“This first import into Peru demonstrates the versatility of our GMP certified platform that qualifies MediPharm Labs to export high THC and CBD formulated oils into international medical markets where cannabis is regulated like other pharmaceutical products,” said Keith Strachan, President and Interim Chief Executive Officer, MediPharm Labs. “We look forward to expanding our presence in Peru and other Latin American markets like Brazil where we have agreements in place and are awaiting final permits to import our pharmaceutical quality products to patients and physicians looking for products they can trust.” medif stock

Even though this is a sign of more progress for the company it has not shown to resonate well in how MEDIF stock trades. Since the start of the new year like many marijuana stocks, MEDIF started off with an increase in the market for much of January. Yet mid-way through January MEDIF started to lose its momentum and dropped in share price. When trading in February began MEDIF stock started to recover from the previous trading.

In the first 10 days of February, MEDIF stock saw an increase in trading of 36 percent. This uptick in trading allowed some investors to take profits before the next downtrend occurred. Like many other cannabis stocks right after the 10th, it’s been tough for MEDIF stock to build back its momentum. However, there is still time left in 2021 to where trading can pick up at any moment

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