Everybody enjoys a good laugh or prank especially if its on the first day in the month of april.

Seattle local and owner of a seafood and chowder restaurant Ivar’s is known to be the king of practical jokes around his area even more notably on april fools.

For Ivar’s their is nothing better a then a good joke, he once in 2009 sunk a chowder billboard as a way of underwater advertisement for divers.

However this year he pulling out all the stops. Ivar’s made local news by giving them information in reference to him starting a pot farm because

they could incorporate it in their chowder recipe.

The company try to sell the ides  of a cannabis health food with investigations done by Mary Jane Greene and Anita Roach.

For the reader that are paying attention to detail the company sent a news document stating the mayor of seattle Ed Murray

“proclaimed” April 1st as Ivar’s fools day this was no prank

So in closing all I can say is happy Ivar’s fools day Seattl

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