These Are The Marijuana Stocks Investors Should Also Be Watching

As marijuana stocks start to recover investors want to know if trading will continue to rise. However not all cannabis stocks have started to recover which is giving people more time to find marijuana stocks to buy. One of the better ways on understanding how to invest in cannabis stocks is to learn about that side of the market. You want to get familiar with how marijuana stocks trade and learn about the top companies that way you have better insight before investing.

What some people like to do is build a watchlist of potential marijuana stocks to buy. Once you have built a list of possible winners start doing your homework on each cannabis company. Learn all you can current and past info along with any financial and trading history that way you can see the recovery pattern of your possible investment.

With the current state of how cannabis stocks are performing investing with caution is essential. Even though investing overall is a risk there are ways to limit that risk. For example, some might argue that ancillary marijuana stocks hold the least amount of risk as well as volatility. This is because most ancillary companies work with more than just cannabis companies in regards to smoking products like papers and vaporizers.

With this much more business can be done which most times reflects positively to how the company performs In the market. As well you also have pure-play marijuana stocks which have shown to be more volatile. This is due to all the new laws and the constant changes in regulations when dealing with the cannabis plant directly. Furthermore, 2021 is continuing to show exponential growth in the entire cannabis industry. The pot stocks below are 2 examples of possible Investments to add to your April portfolio.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch In April

  1. Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC:CURLF)
  2. GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ:GRWG)

Marijuana stock to watch Curaleaf Holdings Inc. has been one of the more progressive cannabis companies to follow. For starters, the company has a wide portfolio of dispensaries and cannabis products. In just the new year alone Curaleaf has completed the purchasing of EMMAC Life Sciences Limited. Which will be the entry to Curaleaf entering the European cannabis market. Also in 2021 the company recently announced that it has opened up 2 new cannabis retail locations in Philadelphia. Many people find the company to be a top marijuana stock to watch.

Although some people find a short-term strategy with CURLF stock the way to go others find more long-term value as things further develop. Much of this is because CURLF stock is a bit volatile which is why its price changes so frequently. However, over the last 12 months of trading CURLF stock has still been able to reach higher market levels. Looking back at the last 2 months of trading and can see the volatile market performance of CURLF stock. Toward the end of January heading into February CURLF stock started to pick up from the previous trading. In the first week of February CURLF stock reached gains of 12 percent.

marijuana stocks to watch Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) (CURA)

Final Thoughts On CURLF Stock And Market Performance

From the 5th of February to the 10th the company continued to rise in trading before the downtrend took over. The decrease in trading was a bit slow at first there also moments of small recoveries but ultimately CURLF stock continued to drop. When trading in March got started the company was hit hard by the downtrend many cannabis stocks were facing at the time. A small pick-up in trading happened from the 8th of March to the 9th. Shortly after this time, CURLF stock started to trade down the rest of March. Currently in April CURLF stock is still having trouble catching more momentum. Yet investors are confident things will get better possibly this month.

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GrowGeneration Corp.

GrownGeneration Corp. has been on the more volatile cannabis stocks to watch over the last year. Even with a great amount of moving in price the company has been able to reach better market levels. GrowGeneration for those who don’t know owns and operates a chain of hydroponic grow stores. In recent trading, it’s been a tough time not just for GRWG stock but many cannabis stocks. Over the last 2 months of trading, there has a bit of a downward pattern. GRWG

This has led to a loss in momentum for GRWG stock. However, even with a downtrend better trading has taken place. At the beginning of February, GRWG stock had a boost in market momentum that helped GRWG stock see a nice start to the month. From February 1st to the 9th GRWG stock reached gains of 39 percent. However, right after this time, the company started to lose its momentum in the market and once again began to dip.

Heading into March a small uptick in trading did occur before losing its market position. On the 8th of March, GRWG stock was able to fight through the downtrend to better trading. Shortly after the 22nd of March, the company started to dip once more before eventually recovering in April. Although GRWG stock is down from its previous close many feel it will be able to sustain its push halfway into April.

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