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Within the many sub-sectors of the cannabis industry, there’ve been a few that show continuous potential. Most investors tend to look at the largest marijuana stocks at first but this method is inherently flawed. For starters, the biggest companies have a much larger bureaucracy to answer to. This results in a much slower network of embracing new ideas and change.

This doesn’t mean that one should sway completely away from the larger-cap marijuana stocks, but rather give an opportunity to the small and mid-cap companies as well. These up and coming businesses are working to build out unique models in the market. Additionally, some of the newest companies could soon be the industry leaders as the pot stock market shifts very quickly.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch: Vertical Integration As A Key To Scaling Production

best marijuana stocks to watch 4Front FFNT FFNTF

4Front Ventures (FFNTF) (FFNT Stock Report) has focused on vertical integration in order to scale its business. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Pure Ratios, which has been making some larger strides in the industry. Pure Ratios is based out of San Diego, where they participate in the health and wellness side of the market. The company has been working to produce a large number of products to compete with the growing industry. They do this through holistic techniques and healing methods.

Recently, the subsidiary announced that it has opened a new Cannabis Medicine Clinic in Desert Hot Springs, CA. The clinic is the first of its kind and only one at the current moment in time. With this, they will be able to further embark on their mission to give patients the best holistic offerings that they can find.

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Additionally, the company has stated that on the premises, it will have a dedicated research and development lab. This will allow the company to develop new types of therapy. Much of what Pure does involves the use of CBD as a backbone. The clinic will also be located right next to its newest dispensary. For this reason, they continue to be a pot stock to watch.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch: Dispensary Operators Continue Growth Trend

best marijuana stocks to watch Liberty Health Sciences (LHSIF)Liberty Health Sciences (LHSIF) (LHS Stock Report) is by no means a small cannabis company. The company is smaller than the largest ones, but size has not slowed it down at all. Liberty has stated that within the Florida market, it was able to push as much as $8 million in sales.

This is quite substantial as it represents a 400% improvement over the profit from the same time last year. If we consider fair value adjustments, the company was also able to turn a profit overall. This has helped shares of Liberty Health stock perform well this quarter. The pot stock has rallied by as much as 95.5% since October 1.

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If you’ve followed marijuana stocks for a while, you know that not many pot stocks can say this for themselves. As Liberty continues to traverse the next few years, it will be interesting to see if it can keep growing at this accelerated rate.

marijuana stocks to watch

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