Marijuana Stocks Top Articles – Friday November 10, 2017

marijuana stocks news october 26 2017

(CRPGF) Has Been A Must See; New Highs Coming?
CNRP Mining Inc. (CRPGF) is our new Connect The Dots feature. Big news and breaking developments have helped to bring even more attention to this company over the last month or so. (CRPGF) has changed up its focus and is working toward getting involved in the cannabis arena through a deal that gives them rights to XSprays, which holds a proprietary CBD infused product line. Not only has it hit new 52-week highs during every session over the last 4 trading days but after what we saw yesterday (11-9) during the late afternoon session, it could just be the beginning!

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DEA Plans To Grow Almost 1,000 Pounds Of Cannabis
Next year, the Drug Enforcement Agency intends to grow nearly 1,000 pounds of weed, for what though? Good old research.

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Medical Marijuana is Legal in Poland
Poland became the newest country of the European Union country to legalize marijuana for medical use on July 20, 2017. Last week, Poland’s medical marijuana program commenced just about three months after President Andrjez signed the bill into law. Yet, patients may find the country in shortage as there is no domestic grow program in place.

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