The marijuana stock market has steadily been the same for quite some time now. In the past year or so, we have seen some changes that have added up to where the industry is now. With the current state of the pot stock market, it seems as though there are definitely some shifts that need to go into place in order to allow the industry to flourish. These include shifts to the legislation as well as the shifting public opinion of the substance.

For those who don’t watch the pot stock market religiously as we do, we should note that there has been a heightened amount of volatility in the past few years. This is due to some uncertainty about the future of the market altogether. The hopes are high that we can continue to see these shifts add up to a brighter future for all. Only time will tell how well the industry can do amidst fervent competition and the issues surrounding regulation.

A Leading Vertically Integrated Pot Stock

1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF Stock Report) (TGIF) is one of the most interesting vertically integrated pot stocks in the current day. The company has the majority of its brand focused on operations within the U.S. and Canada. Working through two subsidiaries, they own several leading cannabis brands that allow them to operate within cannabis cultivation, extraction, processing and the manufacturing of assets. Some of the companies that they own include AMA Flower and AMA Concentrates, CBD-Infused Canna Hemp and others. With a long list of partners as well, the company looks like they are well on their way to being a leading pot stock to watch.

pot stocks to watch 1933 Industries (TGIFF) (TGIF)

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Recently, the company announced that its newest product, Birdhouse CBD Balm by Canna Hemp X, will be available to consumers. The product has the goal of targeting the action sports makes which includes it’s within the health and wellness area. The product will also be available in dispensaries, wellness stores, skate shops and some retailers around the nation. Chris Rebentisch, CEO of the company stated that “we are just starting to scratch the surface of the many applications associated with the cannabis plant and we are pleased to be a part of a national conversation about its potential.” The hopes are that they can continue on their way to the top of the market.

A Leading Extraction Company

Valens GroWorks (VGWCF Stock Report) is a lesser-known pot stock that has been making big waves in the industry. The company recently released their quarterly earnings report which showed that they were up 87% from the previous quarter in terms of sales. The main reason for this is the number of extractions that they have been able to push out in the past few weeks.

The company produces derivatives such as concentrates, distillates, targeted cannabinoids and more. Derivative products are also only just now being legalized in Canada, which means that there could be a large future for the company. With a high level of profitability, Valens GroWorks remains one of the most intriguing pot stocks to watch moving forward.

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