Top Picks: Canadian Cannabis Giants Set to Flourish in Q3 2024

Canadian Cannabis Stocks Shaping Q2 2024

As we continue Q2 2024, Canadian cannabis stocks are catching investors’ eyes. This interest isn’t just a trend. It’s backed by solid growth in the global cannabis industry. Recent stats show remarkable expansion. By 2025, the industry could see revenues hitting $90 billion globally. This projection sparks enthusiasm among investors. They’re keen to identify the top Canadian players. These companies are at the forefront of innovation and market penetration. Among them, some stand out for their strategic positioning and growth potential.

Understanding these stocks requires more than just following trends. Investors turn to technical analysis for insights. This method helps identify price patterns and market trends. Proper risk management is equally crucial. It involves setting limits and knowing when to exit. Both are key in navigating the volatile cannabis market. With these tools, investors can make informed decisions. They aim to maximize gains while minimizing losses. As we inch closer to Q3 2024, these practices will be pivotal in leveraging the growth of the cannabis industry.

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Top Picks: Canadian Cannabis Giants Set to Flourish in Q2 2024

  1. Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ: CGC)
  2. Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON)

Canopy Growth Corporation

Based in Smiths Falls, Canada, Canopy Growth Corporation is a major player in the international cannabis market. It has expanded to rank among the biggest cannabis enterprises globally since its founding in 2013. Canopy Growth is a company that produces, distributes, and markets cannabis products for both medical and recreational purposes. They offer topicals, flavored drinks, dried flowers, oil, and softgel capsules.

CGC marijuana stocks

Canopy Growth has increased the number of retail stores across Canada under various names, including Tokyo Smoke and Tweed. They are commonly accessible in states with progressive cannabis laws, such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Through partnerships and acquisitions, the company’s worldwide operations are expanding across the United States, especially in places where cannabis use is legal. Specific store counts and the states with the highest concentration for the current year may require updating.

Financial Highlights

Canopy Growth made significant progress in Q3 FY2024, earning consolidated gross margins of 36%, a noteworthy increase over the prior year. Cannabis gross margins increased to 28%, especially in Canada, from -11% in Q3 FY2023. Reduced inventory charges, decreased operational expenses, and the deliberate use of cost-effective inputs are all credited with this financial boost. Even though the company’s national retail business sales affected revenue comparisons, when this component was taken out of the picture, the company’s net revenue increase for the year was still 6%. Consolidated net revenue, which came to $79 million, down 7% from the previous year. Yet, the World segment witnessed an 81% revenue surge, propelled by strong growth in Australia, Europe’s rebound fueled by new product launches and sales strategies, and recovering markets that had previously faced declines.

In Q3 FY2024, Storz & Bickel® also revealed an astounding 54% sequential rise in net revenue, mostly due to the VENTY portable vaporizer’s spectacular introduction and record-breaking Black Friday sales. The change in the product mix to higher-margin items improved the gross margin considerably. Regarding operations, Canopy Growth improved upon last year’s results by 57%, bringing down its free cash flow losses to $(34)MM. The company’s financial health is improving, as seen by its strong $186MM cash and short-term investments balance and $69MM debt decrease throughout the quarter. By the conclusion of FY2024, the management team is still optimistic that all business units will have positive Adjusted EBITDA. CEO David Klein and CFO Judy Hong emphasized the company’s renewed focus on cannabis, operational efficiencies, and the promising outlook with the Canopy USA strategy, aiming to position Canopy Growth as a leader in the rapidly expanding U.S. cannabis market.

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Cronos Group Inc.

An internationally recognized cannabis company is Cronos Group Inc. This Canadian business is involved in the cannabis industry. Their primary objectives are to produce and sell cannabis-related goods. This includes using cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. The industry has been significantly impacted by the Cronos Group’s innovative approach. The company is well-known globally, but particularly in North America.

cron stock

The Cronos Group operated retail locations in a number of states in the US as of April 2023. In areas where cannabis is legal, they are well-represented because of their many storefronts. The business has deliberately positioned itself in US markets with a high concentration of cannabis users. This includes marketplaces for both medical and recreational use. The growth of Cronos Group in these states demonstrates its dedication to accessibility. They aim to build relationships with a variety of clients effectively.

Fourth Quarter 2023

Net revenue increased slightly in Q4 2023 to $23.9 million, up $1.9 million from the prior year. Increased cannabis flower sales in Canada and expanding markets in Germany and Australia are mostly to blame for this increase. However, difficulties in Israel brought on by the war between Israel and Hamas, as well as pressure from rival prices, subdued sales. The New Israeli Shekel and the weakening Canadian dollar also had an effect on the financials. Notwithstanding these obstacles, gross profit increased by $0.7 million to $1.9 million as a result of robust sales in the regions mentioned above; however, the impact of the conflict on the Israeli market and the winding down of operations in Winnipeg offset this gain.

A $0.5 million increase from 2022 to $87.2 million for the full year of 2023 was primarily due to new initiatives in Germany and Australia, as well as larger cannabis sales in Canada. However, this was partially offset by lower sales in Israel, which were linked to the protracted conflict and cutthroat competition in the market, both of which increased excise tax costs. These difficulties, however, caused the gross profit to decrease by $3.5 million to $11.9 million. Effective cost control measures were evident in adjusted EBITDA, which improved, showing a decrease in losses to $(61.6) million, a $8.7 million improvement over the previous year. Strategic adjustments and operational efficiencies have placed the company on a path toward sustainable growth, with an optimistic outlook for further expense savings and operational improvements in 2024 despite ongoing geopolitical tensions.

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Sundial Growers Inc.

Sundial Growers Inc. is a well-known player in the cannabis market and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The primary objective of Sundial at its founding in 2006 was the cultivation and distribution of cannabis intended for adult use. Their product portfolio includes dried flower, pre-rolls, and vapes. They are well known for their commitment to creating reliable, secure goods, and of the highest caliber.


Sundial has many retail outlets across Canada, with the majority in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. These places are heavily marketed for cannabis goods. When I last updated you in April 2023, Sundial was not available in any global market, including the US. It appears that expanding and combining their Canadian companies is the main focus of their growth strategy. In Canada’s cannabis industry, Sundial has established a strong reputation thanks to its emphasis on quality and client satisfaction.

Third Quarter 2023 Highlights

A positive free cash flow of $16.5 million, in sharp contrast to the negative $67.1 million in the third quarter of 2022, and a net cash flow from operating activities of $27.5 million, up from $8.6 million in the prior year, were among the noteworthy financial and operational advancements reported by SNDL in the third quarter of 2023. Thanks to efficient cash management and increased working capital, especially, the company’s unrestricted cash rose to $202.0 million, representing an 8.9% sequential gain.

Each sector contributed to the 3.1% increase in net revenue to $237.6 million over the previous year: cannabis retail climbed by 14.1% to $75.5 million, liquor retail was steady at $151.8 million, and cannabis operations jumped by 77.4% to $21.0 million. However, the gross margin slightly decreased by 3.4% due to non-cash inventory impairments, and the net loss improved by 77.9% to $21.8 million, primarily due to lesser asset impairments than the previous year.

SNDL’s CEO, Zach George, emphasized the company’s dedication to achieving operational and financial excellence, focusing on profitability, growth, and efficiency across all segments. Significant strides have been made in the Liquor Retail segment with the launch of an e-commerce platform and a data licensing program expected to enhance profit margins. The Cannabis Retail segment saw a 14.1% increase in net revenue, and the Cannabis Operations segment reported a 77.4% increase in net revenue despite a negative gross margin. SNDL’s strategic investments and the restructuring of key U.S. credit exposures are designed to comply with U.S. laws. With an industry-leading balance sheet and improved operations, SNDL aims to build a sustainable business model to generate strong free cash flow and create long-term shareholder value.

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Canada’s Cannabis Sector Leaders for Q3 2024

As Q2 2024 wraps up, the spotlight on the top Canadian cannabis stocks remains bright. This sector has shown resilience and growth, mirroring the global cannabis market’s upward trajectory. Analysts predict a global market valuation of over $90 billion by 2025, a testament to the industry’s potential. In addition, Canadian companies are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. They continue to innovate and expand internationally. Overall, investors should keep an eye on these market leaders. Their strategic moves could shape the industry’s future.

To navigate the cannabis stock landscape, investors lean on technical analysis. This tool sheds light on market trends and stock performance. It’s essential for making informed decisions. Risk management is another cornerstone of successful investing. It involves setting clear investment goals and understanding market volatility. By employing these strategies, investors can aim for profitability. They can also mitigate losses in this dynamic market. As we progress, these practices will be vital in leveraging the industry’s growth.

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