Canadian Cannabis Stocks to Watch in Mid-March 2024

The Top Canadian Cannabis Companies This Mid-March

As we turn our attention to the Canadian cannabis sector and top marijuana stocks this week, it’s hard not to notice the buzz it’s creating among investors. With Canada leading the charge in legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use, its companies are now at the heart of a growing global market. This makes Canadian cannabis stocks particularly interesting to watch. They’re not just a reflection of the thriving market at home; they symbolize Canada’s prominent role on the world stage. The excitement is palpable as investors keep their eyes peeled for signs of growth and strategic international moves. Keeping up with market trends, regulatory shifts, and the competitive landscape is key to staying ahead.

On the global front, the cannabis industry is set for impressive growth, thanks to increasing legalization efforts and wider acceptance. This growth spells opportunity, yet it’s not without its risks. This is where the importance of technical analysis and sound risk management comes into play. By applying technical analysis, investors can spot trends and determine the best times to buy or sell. On the other hand, effective risk management helps protect investments against the unpredictable swings of the market. Striking between seizing emerging opportunities and staying disciplined with investment choices is vital. Navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving cannabis market with this balanced approach is critical to achieving long-term success.

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Unveiling Mid-March 2024’s Top Canadian Stocks

  1. Tilray Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY)
  2. Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ: CGC)
  3. Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF)

Tilray, Inc.

Tilray, Inc. is a leading pioneer in the international cannabis market. They were founded to inspire, innovate, and lead, and they have become a well-known brand. The company’s main priorities include distribution, production, cultivation, and research on cannabis. Their endeavors encompass both adult-use and medical industries, rendering them a flexible participant.

Tilray has considerably increased its reach by operating in multiple nations. They have a strong presence in the United States, having retail locations in strategic states. Florida, Colorado, and California are all heavily represented in their portfolio. These states’ wide marketplaces and progressive cannabis regulations make them strategically important. Tilray’s influence is evident on a global scale. They have supply agreements and partnerships in more than a dozen nations. Tilray is positioned as a leader in the cannabis industry because of its international reach.

Financial Highlights – Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2024

With a record Q2 net revenue of $194 million for the fiscal year 2024—a 34% increase over the previous year—Tilray Brands, Inc. (TLRY) has become a major player in the worldwide cannabis and consumer packaged goods industries. This growth further reinforces Tilray’s strong position in the cannabis industry, as the business maintains its #1 market share in Canada and has seen notable revenue growth in domestic and foreign cannabis markets (31% and 55%, respectively). Tilray has also increased its impact in the beverage alcohol industry, rising to the fifth largest craft beer brewer in the United States and hoping to be ranked in the top 12 after a 117% growth in revenue in this area.

The company’s financial achievements are part of a broader strategy that includes substantial annual savings from integrating HEXO Acquisition, estimated at $30-$35 million. Tilray is confident in its financial outlook, reiterating its guidance for the fiscal year 2024. Operational highlights from the quarter include a significant reduction in convertible debt, enhanced capital structure, and leadership in key product categories within Canada’s cannabis market. Internationally, Tilray is advancing its position in medical cannabis through strategic expansions. In the U.S., while currently not involved in cannabis operations due to federal restrictions, Tilray is positioned to leverage its expertise should legalization occur. The company’s growth is also evident in its expanding beverage-alcohol portfolio, which has been bolstered by the acquisition of eight brands from Anheuser-Busch, solidifying its presence in the craft beer market and signaling a strong move towards becoming a leading beverage-alcohol company in the U.S.

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Canopy Growth Corporation

With its headquarters in Smiths Falls, Canada, Canopy Growth Corporation is a leading light in the international cannabis sector. Since its founding in 2013, it has developed into one of the biggest cannabis businesses globally. Canopy Growth produces, sells, and distributes cannabis products for both recreational and medical purposes. Their product line comprises topicals, softgel capsules, infused drinks, dried flowers, and oil.

CGC marijuana stocks

Since my last update in April 2023, Canopy Growth has increased its retail locations across Canada under various labels, including Tokyo Smoke and Tweed. They are widely distributed in states with progressive cannabis laws, such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Through collaborations and acquisitions, the company’s foreign endeavors are expanding into the United States, especially in places where cannabis is legal. It could be necessary to update specific store counts and states with the highest presence for the current year.

Financial Highlights

One of the biggest names in the Canadian cannabis market, Canopy Growth Corporation, has recently produced some outstanding outcomes. The company’s organic revenue growth, which has increased for three quarters straight, is evidence of its solid operational performance and well-thought-out business plan. The business reached a noteworthy milestone with a net revenue of $70 million in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024 (Q2 FY2024). This exceptional result shows Canopy Growth’s positive market trend and is a significant improvement over the previous fiscal year. The consolidated gross margin for the company experienced a considerable upturn, rising from a negative 1% in the same quarter of FY2023 to 34% in Q2 FY2024.

Canopy Growth Corporation has achieved notable progress in cost containment and asset optimization, showcasing its financial stability. In just the second quarter of FY2024, the company cut costs by an additional $54 million, saving $226 million since the start of FY2023. The company’s concentrated efforts to increase efficiency and streamline operations include these savings. In keeping with this promise, management has established a more stringent cost-cutting goal, expecting savings of between $270 million and $300 million by the end of FY2024.

Since April 2023, the Company’s sale of its Hershey Drive location has brought in about $155 million in gross profits, demonstrating the wisdom of that asset management choice. An important part of the company’s plan to maximize its asset base is this transaction. With the successful reduction of $364 million in total debt to $681 million in Q2 FY2024, Canopy Growth’s debt has dropped to approximately $1 billion since the beginning of FY2023 (nearly $1 billion). This significant debt decrease demonstrates the company’s dedication to preserving a solid balance sheet and increasing shareholder value.

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Village Farms International, Inc.

Renowned agricultural enterprise Village Farms International, Inc. is becoming a major force in the cannabis and CBD sectors in North America. Since its founding in 1989, the company has thrived in the greenhouse vegetable industry before branching out into the cannabis industry with Pure Sunfarms. This tactical change capitalizes on their knowledge of agriculture to produce affordable, premium cannabis. They manufacture a range of cannabis products and are involved in both the medical and recreational cannabis industries.


The main location for Village Farms’ cannabis business is Canada, where Pure Sunfarms has made a significant foothold. Although they don’t run conventional retail locations, a large number of government and private shops in Canada distribute their items. The company has a strong presence and a wide range of products across multiple provinces, with notable sales in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Following the federal legalization of hemp, Village Farms is investigating the potential for hemp-derived CBD in the US cannabis industry. However, its direct retail presence in the US market is contingent upon legislative reforms.

Third Quarter Financial Highlights

The third quarter ended September 30, 2023, and Village Farms International, Inc. (VFF) posted a great result that demonstrated the effectiveness of its diverse business model. The company realized positive consolidated net income, adjusted EBITDA, and cash flow. It is a leader in the fresh produce industry and the cannabis sectors in both Canada and the United States. In October, Canadian cannabis operations achieved considerable growth and operational excellence, regaining the second position in the national market share. Additionally, U.S. Cannabis had positive adjusted EBITDA and net income, demonstrating strong performance in this market. With a notable year-over-year improvement, the fresh produce division maintained its upward trend and improved the company’s overall financial health.

Village Farms stands out in the agricultural sector thanks to its mastery of controlled environments. This expertise fuels profitability and positive cash flow. Michael DeGiglio, the CEO, emphasizes this strategic advantage. It’s a key driver across all business domains. The company’s innovative efforts and focus on quality have paid off. They’ve reinforced its standing in Canada’s cannabis scene. Customers appreciate these creative initiatives.

Furthermore, Village Farms is pushing for growth and a bigger market slice. This ambition is evident in its actions. It has rebranded CBDistillery and launched new wellness products in the U.S. These moves aim to capture more attention in the wellness space. Advances in technology have also played a crucial role. They’ve led to the development of virus-resistant plant strains. As a result, this breakthrough has revitalized the fresh produce segment, bringing it back to profitability. Looking ahead, the future seems promising for Village Farms. Its financial and operational achievements underscore its leadership in both fresh produce and cannabis.

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Canadian Cannabis Stocks Making Moves in March 2024

In wrapping up our look at the top Canadian cannabis stocks this week, it’s clear that the sector is buzzing with potential. These companies are at the forefront, benefiting from Canada’s pioneering role in the cannabis industry. In addition, with the global market poised for substantial growth, these stocks are not just a domestic affair. They’re part of a larger narrative about global trends and opportunities. Also,  as legalization continues to spread, the future seems bright. However, investors should proceed cautiously, keeping an eye on the evolving legal and competitive landscapes.

Technical analysis and rigorous risk management are crucial when navigating this volatile market. Technical analysis can provide insights into market trends and price movements, helping to identify suitable buying or selling moments. Meanwhile, risk management strategies protect investments from unforeseen downturns. Balancing these tools with a keen understanding of the market’s nuances is key. For those looking to invest in Canadian cannabis stocks, this dual approach could pave the way to success. As we move forward, staying informed and adaptable will be vital in leveraging the industry’s growth potential.

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