We all know that CBD is one of the hottest products on the market. In only a short period of time, we have seen many pot stocks to watch begin to move into this side of the industry. One of the most groundbreaking aspects of the CBD market came not too long ago when the U.S. decided to put the Farm Bill in place. This effectively allowed the growth and sale of hemp and CBD within the nation.

As game-changing legislation usually goes, this helped to cement the future of the CBD market as a multi-billion dollar industry with more to come. Since that time, we have seen the number of companies working to get into CBD, shoot up dramatically. As we continue to traverse the near future of the CBD market, it seems as though these marijuana stocks to watch are making their name heard throughout the industry.

A CBD Pot Stock On Its Way Up

Stillcanna Inc. (STIL Stock Report) (SCNNF Stock Report) is a Canadian early-stage life sciences company working in the CBD market out of Europe. The company has stated that they are able to produce higher-quality CBD at lower costs than most due to their proprietary method of doing so. The company is currently signed into an initial extraction contract in Europe that would allow them to be the exclusive extractor for the company Biosciences LLC.

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For those who don’t know, Biosciences LLC is a UK based CBD supplier. The company has also been working on a series of acquisitions that they believe could help them to become one of the key pot stocks to watch working out of the European CBD market. The company has continuously illustrated their commitment to growth throughout the past few months.

Recently, the company announced that they have successfully shipped CBD Isolate from Poland to America. They stated that they received a pre-clearance from the Customs agency in the U.S. that allows them to import CBD based products into the country. With this, they now could become one of the major players in the U.S. CBD market. With no complications regarding getting the product into the nation, it seems as though they could begin to move deeper into more specific areas within the U.S. to move toward a greater market share. For this reason, they remain a key pot stock to watch.

A Pot Stock for the Florida Market

Trulieve Cannabis (TCNNF Stock Report) is one of the only public companies working out of the medicinal marijuana market in Florida. The company has been able to continuously show growth as their position in such a fast-paced industry is putting them ahead of the competition.

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The company is also one of only a handful of cannabis stocks to watch that is profitable in the current day. Trulieve Cannabis, currently worth around $1 billion in their market cap, continues to be one of the most interesting pot stocks to watch as we continue to traverse the future of the industry.

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