2 Pot Stocks To Watch Right Now In March

With cannabis stocks being a hot topic amongst investors many more are looking for the best marijuana stocks in the market. This has led to more trading based on speculation which has led to some pot stocks having a better market performance. Now in the past 6 weeks, the pattern of the trading for the cannabis sector overall has increased yet there moments when volatility plays a factor.

For instance, in the last 2 weeks of February cannabis stocks started to dip in trading. Yet for the most part, during this time most marijuana stocks have started to recover as we start a new month. Currently, many new and seasoned investors are working on ways to become part of the cannabis industry. This interest has led to more money being invested directly into new cannabis startups and developing markets.

Right now the industry is waiting to see what will happen with the attempt to end cannabis prohibition in the United States. If this becomes a reality it may cause marijuana stocks to rally on that day. However, before this having a portfolio of potential cannabis stocks that have the best chance to rally at this time would be essential to see more gains.

Just remember to always do your homework on whichever marijuana company you want to invest in. This can range from ancillary to pure-play to MSO cannabis stocks as well as extraction service providers. All of these options come with their own set of risks but if executed correctly investors stand a chance to see a profitable return from investing in marijuana stocks. Below are some marijuana stocks that may see more gains as momentum continues to build for the cannabis sector this year.

Marijuana Stock Watchlist

  1. Tilt Holdings Inc. (OTC:TLLTF)
  2. MariMed Inc. (OTC:MRMD)

Tilt Holdings Inc.

Tilt Holdings Inc. works in the cannabis industry by assisting cannabis businesses with building brands. Through a portfolio of companies, TILT provides technology, hardware, cultivation, and production solutions. In the last 6 weeks of trading, the company has picked up a bit of momentum despite moments of volatility. In the first 2 weeks of January TLTTF stock was able to start its initial upward push before dipping at the end of the month.

When February came around the company was able to recover from January lows. In the first week of February, TLLTF stock had an uptick in trading going from a share price of $0.45 to $0.55 this made for a 22 percent gain in trading. As the month progressed TLLTF stock jumped another 23 percent in trading for the following week. Going from $0.55 a share on the 5th to $0.68 on the 10th of February.


From this point, TLLTF has slightly dipped but has been able to sustain a market position that is still above trading from the month before. Overall during the month of February, the company was able to produce a total increase of 22 percent. So far for the first day of trading in March TLLTF stock is up from its previous close as this marijuana stock to watch looks to see more gains.

MariMed Inc.

MariMed Inc. is a cannabis company that offers various services to the cannabis industry. Some of these services involve consultations in regards to the design, development, operation, management, grow sites, and dispensaries. Since this past December MRMD stock has started to pick up in trading as they have found more momentum. During this time MRMD stock had a small overall push that led to bigger gains to initiate the new year.

In January the company was able to see a nice rally in trading. This rally in trading made for 60 percent gains in the first 2 weeks of the new year. This upward push at the start of 2021 displayed possible future growth potential for the company. Investors who do their research understand that cannabis stocks trade in a volatile market. This is why following how a cannabis stock is trading can be a key to seeing better returns.


If a marijuana stock averagely has a handful of good days of trading then investors may be more skeptical about investing in them. Although MRMD stock dipped at the end of January the company made a monthly gain of 32 percent. When the start of February was underway MRMD stock was able to bounce back from its recent dip in January. In the first week of February, MRMD stock had a 20 percent increase in trading.

MRMD Stock Final Thoughts On Market Performance

This uptick in trading led to more investors taking notice of the company. Which created more speculation as to whether the company is a marijuana stock to buy or sell. During the second week of February MRMD continued to trade up before slightly dipping the rest of the month. MRMD stock a total monthly gain of 12 percent. Currently, MRMD stock is up over 4 percent from its previous close as of March 1st. As things look promising for the cannabis industry this cannabis company may be a cannabis stock to watch this month.

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