Top Cannabis Gainers: 5 Marijuana Stocks You Should Know

When we determine how profitable a particular marijuana stock is it boils down to how well the company performance is. Now when searching for a marijuana stock to buy that is profitable due diligence is a must. Having the right info on a given marijuana stock is very important. When you have all the info you need it allows you to make the best choice when investing. Most times only the top marijuana stocks pique investors. However there more marijuana stocks to watch that may provide value to your portfolio. Some investors prefer to invest in small-cap marijuana stocks. Now just because a certain company is smaller doesn’t mean they are any less valuable.

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In fact, some investors believe small-cap marijuana stocks are a safer investment. What it truly breaks down to is how well the company is performing in the market. These are only a few gems of info to help you understand how to choose a marijuana stock to buy with value. As well with all the current resources to look up information searching for pot stocks is easier than before. Over the last 2 weeks, some marijuana stocks have performed better than others. this could be for many different reasons. Below we will discuss different marijuana stocks the ended the week up in the market.

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch

MediPharm Labs Corp. (MEDIF Stock Report)
Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL Stock Report)
Jushi Holdings Inc. (JUSHF Stock Report)
Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. (FFLWF Stock Report)
Indus Holdings Inc.(INDXF Stock Report)

Top Performing Marijuana Stock To Watch: MediPharm Labs Corp.(MEDIF)

Established back in 2015, marijuana stock to watch MediPharm Labs Corp. runs its operation by developing purified pharmaceutical grade derivatives for consumers. Recently the MEDIF stock has picked momentum in the market. So far for during December, the company like most marijuana stocks is quite volatile. From the beginning of the month to December 11th MEDIF far stock increased by 14%. Although the MEDIF stock has been trading down some have been able to make gains in that time. As the company aims to reach highs like back in October 2020 much is in the works for MediPharm heading into the new year.

medif stock

Top Performing Marijuana Stock To Watch: Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL)

Marijuana stock to watch Sundial Growers Inc. has shown great momentum over the last month. Sundial Growers is another top-performing cannabis company. The company specializes in the indoor cultivation of high-quality cannabis and then distributes it through its various brands. Now if you look back at the start of November SNDL has been trading up in the market. Over the last several weeks and for most of December SNDL stock has been performing well. From November 23rd to December 11th SNDL is up over 100%. Hopefully, the company can continue this upward momentum heading into 2021.


Top Performing Marijuana Stock To Watch: Jushi Holdings Inc. (JUSHI)

Jushi Holdings Inc. has been another marijuana stocks catching some upward momentum in the market. The company is one of the handful of vertically integrated cannabis companies in the industry. Through various acquisitions, the company works to build out its portfolio of branded cannabis assets. Since the market crash back in march JUSHI stock has consistently been trading up. From November 24 to December 10th JUSHI stock is up over 37% and up over 250% for the year. These gains show solid growth potential heading into the new year. So as investors search for marijuana stocks to buy JUSHI stock may make investors portfolio.

Top Performing Marijuana Stock To Watch: Fire & Flower Holdings Corp (FFLWF)

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp is one of Canada’s top gainers during December so far. The company runs its operation by retailing cannabis for adult use in Canada. From the start of December, FFLWF stock increased in trading by 4%, and from the start of November to December 11th FFLWF stock is up 14%. Though this may be viewed as a small gain what it shows is consistent price movement. Now there are no guarantees this will uptick will continue so it’s best to keep watch on what develops with this marijuana stock. fflwf

Top Performing Marijuana Stock To Watch: Indus Holdings Inc.(INDXF)

Although a bit less popular this marijuana stock to watch has made some substantial gains this month. Established back in 2014 Indus Holdings Inc. is another vertically integrated cannabis company. Indus Holdings Inc. runs its business by growing processing and even extracting its own cannabis products. Over the last 3-month, INDXF stock like other pot stocks to watch is trading up. Back in early June the company started to pick up more momentum and began moving up. Over the last month from November 11th to December 11th INDXF stock is up over 48%. So as more gains continue to be seen for Indus hopefully this marijuana stock to watch continues its momentum in 2021.


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