Best Marijuana Stocks For 2020

2 Marijuana Stocks And Their Market Potential

Marijuana stocks are in an interesting time right now. After 2019, pot stocks looked like they were in good shape for a bright future. But, soon after Covid hit and brought prices down with it. Leading marijuana stocks like Aphria Inc. (APHA Stock Report) and Scotts Miracle-Gro Inc. (SMG Stock Report) saw their prices shoot down by substantial amounts. Soon after, March approached and marijuana stocks began to bounce back up once again. With March only a few months behind us, many popular pot stocks have climbed in triple-digit percentage points.

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In addition, a lot of investor focus has turned to pot stocks during that time period. Because of this, we are seeing a reprise of bulls entering into the cannabis industry. This includes major gainers like Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB Stock Report) as well as smaller marijuana stocks to watch. Investors should always be willing to look outside the box to find pot stocks to watch. Smaller and less well-known marijuana stocks may be harboring more value than one would think. With that in mind, here are two marijuana stocks to watch.

A Leading Pot Stock To Watch This Year

Cronos Group Inc. (CRON Stock Report) is a pot stock with some interesting upsides and downsides. As of a few months ago, Cronos Group announced that it had missed the deadlines to file its 2019 financial statements. And after some turmoil, the company announced that it had received an extension, and all was good. After announcing this, the company stated that it has been working to sell more wholesale marijuana. This is the major strong suit of CRON stock’s business model. Although CRON stock has had a large number of losses in the past few years, investor interest has been spiking in the past few months. This regulatory situation is one small issue amongst a few larger ones.

This includes an inability to accurately predict its cannabis demand and supply. The larger issue here is that investors may be losing faith in Cronos Group’s management skills. The filing itself may be a small error, but it represents a larger potential lack of judgment. On the other hand, CRON stock does still represents one of the largest marijuana stocks in the industry. With increased market demand in the past few months, investors also believe that CRON stock could benefit in the near future.

A Leading Pot Stock To Watch This Year

Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (IIPR Stock Report) is a marijuana stock that has continued to perform through thick and thin. This year alone, IIPR stock has shot up by as much as 60%. In addition, the dividend for IIPR stock has risen to as much as 3.4% which is quite a hefty amount. In its second quarter of this year, IIPR stock reported around $24 million in revenue. This represents a gain of around 180%.


All of these numbers point to the fact that IIPR stock is in a very solid financial position as of November 2020. In the second quarter, IIPR stock also announced that it had increased its earnings by more than four times what it was in the previous year. As a real estate investment trust, IIPR stock is able to be less volatile than many other pot stocks. As an ancillary marijuana stock, it is also able to benefit from any changes in marijuana legislation. With this in mind, IIPR stock continues to be a pot stock to watch moving forward.

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