Are These Marijuana Stocks Long Term Or Short Term Investments?

Last week was a good time to find marijuana stocks to buy. This is because many cannabis stocks started to dip down. Some of this downtrend may be due to everyone focused around game stop and robin hood. With this, some of the top marijuana stocks are showing good entry points for those looking to invest in marijuana stocks in 2021.

In other current events recently a potential edge with federal cannabis reform has been made. In recent news, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has come forth to express his support for cannabis legislation. He has also gone on to say that he is drafting up a cannabis bill that will give states the authority to legalize marijuana if the states choose to.

Many other states across the U.S. are taking notice of all the money that is being made from legal cannabis. Which has led many state legislators to begin the process of legalizing cannabis within states that are not legal yet. As of now, over 10 states are working on legalizing cannabis between medicinal and full rec. If new states go legal it would be a big win for the cannabis industry.

This would initiate new markets and allow for MSO cannabis companies like Cresco labs Inc. (OTC:CRLBF) and TerrAscend Corp. (OTC:TRSSF) to expand even more. With these new markets, states would be able to use the tax money from cannabis sales to improve upon different issues within the states. Below are some cannabis stocks to watch in 2021 that may present a good investment opportunity.

Pot Stock Watchlist In 2021

  1. Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (NYSE:IIPR)
  2. Green Lane Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:GNLN)

Innovative Industrial Properties Inc.

Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. is a marijuana stock that runs its business by working with marijuana real estate. The company is a REIT which it stands for a real estate investment trust. Innovative spends its time looking for specialized industrial real estate assets for the regulated medical-use cannabis industry.

The company’s current plan is to continue to purchase facilities in the U.S. to help with medical cannabis. One of the perks of investing in this cannabis stock is Innovative provides investors with dividends. Not all stocks that offer dividends are good investments. However, for a marijuana stock, the company has given a decent return for each share. Back in 2020, the company was able to produce a 4 percent dividend to investors.

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Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. News And Updates

Over the last month, IIPR stock has been able to produce some decent gains. From January 4th to the 11th had a subtle 6 percent increase in trading. Overall for the first month of the new year IIPR stock is up 5% to close out the month. In the company’s most recent news they announced today that it closed on the acquisition of a property in Alachua, Florida. iipr

“We are thrilled to form our new real estate partnership with Harvest,” said Paul Smithers, President and Chief Executive Officer of IIP. “Harvest has established a tremendous footprint in its four core markets of Arizona, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and continues to execute strongly on its targeted growth and expansion in those markets. We look forward to working closely with Harvest to complete the build-out of additional enhancements and productive capacity at the Alachua facility, which will enable their continued expansion in Florida to meet the tremendous demand from the over 460,000 registered patients in the state, the largest registered patient population of the 35 medical-use cannabis programs in the United States.”

Green Lane Holdings Inc.

Green Lane Holdings Inc. Over the last few months, the company fought through market volatility and was able to produce gains. Since the end of November GNLN stock was able to climb in the market. November 24th to December 3rd GNLN stock had 65 percent a rise in trading.

From this point, the company did a lot of up and down trading until January came around. January 4th to the 8th GNLN was up 20% to end the first trading week of the new year. From the 8th to the 11th of January continued to push up in the market with 20 percent gains. Yet GNLN stock has dipped down from January highs. The company currently is showing a decent entry point for investors looking for marijuana stocks to buy. GNLN

The cannabis sector volatility plays a factor in how a stock traded. Green Lane has still been able to have spikes in trading that play out for investors. Now with how GNLN stock has recently been trading cannabis stock like this may present a better short term investment. With this its best to keep focused to see what unfolds as Green Lane remains a marijuana stock to watch in 2021 for potential gains

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