New Jersey Releases Cannabis Regulations

New Jersey is making preparations to establish regulations regarding the sale of cannabis this week. This represents a big accomplishment in the year-long battle to initiate the sale of legal cannabis in New Jersey. The Cannabis Regulatory Commission will come together Thursday.

This meeting is set to take place early afternoon. At this time they will discuss the path towards adopting rules and regulations to the latest agenda. Back in February Gov. Phil Murphy penned his name on the legal cannabis law. With this, a deadline has been made to set this in motion by Aug 21st.

Now, this legislation is set up to provide details on the various cannabis business licenses that will be available in New Jersey. To which the commission still has a lot of control. The commission will run the licensing of new businesses. A well as how tax revenue will be used to help communities impacted by marijuana prohibition.

What Will Come From The Cannabis Rules And Regulations For NJ

At the time the commission approves the rules and regulations the timer will start on the sale of legal marijuana. The committee will eventually determine when sales can officially begin. Yet they must select a date that comes within 16 months from the 19th of August.

As of now, New Jersey holds the only businesses license to cultivate, process marijuana. In addition to this, the state can also sell cannabis to authorized patients. Yet the NJ can allow these dispensaries to sell to the public, too. Once they have enough merchandise to satisfy both needs of patients As well the demand from cannabis users 21 and older.


At some point, during Thursday’s meeting, the commission will go over the rules and regulations. This info came from Toni-Anne Blake, a spokeswoman for the panel. Shortly after these rules are summarized they will be free to view on the commission’s website.

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Final Thoughts On Cannabis Rules And Regulations In New Jersey

These rules and regulations will become active once filing with the Office of Administrative Law. After this task is carried out it will stay in place for an entire year. The rules will become available just 48 hours before districts must decide if they will support, restrict or outlaw marijuana businesses. The law gave cities and towns the freedom to choose where, and the amount as well as which kinds of cannabis businesses they would embrace.

Yet some local officials have mentioned the complications to making the process happen. Especially without current rules and regulations in place from the commission. A fair amount of districts have already made clear they will ban all businesses for now. However, they did say they would and revisit this matter later.

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These areas want to see how they impact other cities and towns that welcome marijuana businesses. Earlier in 2021, the commission’s executive director Jeff Brown urged districts to wait for the rules and regulations before giving any kind of response. Now time is winding down as today is the day the rules will be known. And with the regulations and the deadline for municipalities to take action, such a plan proved unlikely.

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