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U.S. based multi-state operators are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the cannabis market. With only a few marijuana stocks occupying this space, it seems as though the competition is quite sparse. But, within the MSO category, we can begin to break up those companies by the amount of market share that they each have. The size of the MSO pot stock is not as much of a concern as the number of states that they have a presence in.

With a larger presence, these companies can begin to work on their forward-thinking expansion methods. Of course, we also have to factor in their business models and the amount of free cash that they have. This has become an even more important factor in the past two months, as the coronavirus has tested the entire cannabis industry.

But, as November of this year comes, it seems as though there are more states that are working to legalize cannabis. This means that these MSO pot stocks could see even greater market shares moving into the near future. This depends greatly on their expansion strategies as mentioned before, but the U.S. market does look ripe for near term growth. With that in mind, these two MSO pot stocks have the largest market shares in the U.S.

The Largest MSO Pot Stock With a 20 State Presence

Acreage Holdings Inc. (ACRGF Stock Report) is one of the largest MSOs simply due to the number of states that it has a presence in. Throughout the 20 states that it works within, it has the potential to open as many as 88 dispensaries within the next few years. Not only does it have a large presence across the country, but its presence also spans some of the largest individual statewide cannabis markets in the U.S. This includes everywhere from California to Washington and Florida.

It recently stated that its projected sales for this year are supposed to rise by as much as 125%. This would bring in a sales number of around $350 million which is very substantial. In terms of sheer sales, the company is not the largest MSO in the industry. But, it has stated that it is working to achieve higher sales than most others. With the potential to open that many dispensaries, the company could see its place on the list of MSOs shoot up in the near future.

The Second Largest U.S. MSO Pot Stock With a Presence in 19 States

Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF Stock Report) is the second-largest MSO by state reach. The company recently has been working to complete acquisitions as well as solidify its current subsidiaries. With the recent closing of Grassroots and Cura Partners, the company should soon have access to opening as many as 131 dispensaries. For now however, it currently is in 19 states throughout the country.

What makes the company so interesting is its potential sales numbers. The company has touted the expectation that it may be the first pot stock or MSO to reach $1 billion in annual sales. Because of this, it has received quite a lot of attention in the past few months. But, growth has undoubtedly slowed due to the coronavirus which was to be expected. However, moving forward the company continues to look like a prime example of a pot stock to watch.

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