A new bill has been introduced to Canadian parliament for voting this summer. The vote would effectively allow for the recreational use of cannabis throughout the country. Up until this point, only medicinal cannabis has been legalized in Canada, but the C-45 bill could drastically change the current state of things.

Many debates over this bill have been circulating over the course of the past few months now, but it appears as though the majority of the country is very much in favor of this new bill being put into law. There are several conflicts that have come into play since this is such a new industry and legal process. The goal of the country, however, is to ensure the smoothest transition into recreational cannabis that they can. The assistant deputy minister for international security and political affairs for the UN stated recently that “Canada’s proposed approach to cannabis will result in Canada being in contravention of certain obligations related to cannabis under the UN drug conventions.” Although this at first may seem like a bad thing, this is how the future of cannabis can move forward. There is no way to challenge these laws other than to see the process work in itself, thus the future of the industry.

Many people believe that the drug convention of the UN should be flexible to some extent and that this challenging of the policy will help to display that. The deputy minister continued to state that “withdrawing from that framework would be an excessive and unnecessary response and would also be detrimental to both Canada’s and the international community’s interests.” This is in regard to how Canada would be able to go around these UN sanctions to make recreational cannabis a reality in the country.

The C-45 Bill would effectively legalize cannabis throughout the country and has been backed fully by Justin Trudeau, the Priminister of Canada. In recent news, there was a slight amount of pushback from the Senate in Canada, but this was quickly met with Trudeau stating that they need to uphold the popular opinion and that that is the role of their positions as elected officials. Trudeau has been a supporter of cannabis legalization since its inception in the nation, and it continues to show in his public address. The bill is currently on its way to be reviewed before it is put to a third and final vote. Most people in the industry expect that the legislation will pass, but there is always a chance in any probability.

The only issue that remains with the C-45 Bill is the fact that it is quite broad in terms of public policy, healthcare, and Canadian law. This is where the third vote comes in. The third vote will help to determine how the country can solve these kinks in the bill, so that they can move forward in the process of making it a law. Trudeau has stated that the C-45 Bill will help to protect public health and safety, and prevent the large black market from continuing to grow. The issue of the black market remains extremely prevalent throughout Canada and the rest of the world of cannabis. If the bill will help to curb the black market, it is something that will undoubtedly be beneficial for the country.

With only a few months to go before the final vote, the hopes are high that the kinks in the bill will be worked out so that there will be a smooth transition to legal recreational cannabis throughout Canada.

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