Recreational marijuana shops have been banned in the city of Colorado Springs, however, zoning laws allow for private clubs such as The Lion to exist. These types of clubs are very vital, according to The Lion’s general manager, Aaron Stone. Here is what he had to say: “A lot of time on the retail side, people leave the stores with misinformation, and don’t know how to use what they buy.” This highlights that during the almost three years that it has been running, The Lazy Lion has played host to job interviews, study groups, and celebrations.

However, would Colorado visitors or cannabis advocates actually feel safe inside a club like The Lazy Lion? If it is not their sanctuary, then where should people go to smoke marijuana with their friends? After all, it has typically been a social drug. Up to now, though, recreational marijuana laws have been discouraged for social use because the federal government still determines marijuana to be illegal. Colorado, as well as other states that have legalized cannabis, has prohibited the use of it in public.

One Denver initiative is trying to find the solution by allowing certain areas, such as bars, to allow restricted marijuana use on the facilities. The only issue is that people do not know whether marijuana should be considered “separate but equal” when put along with establishments that have other vices such as alcohol. In summation, the proposal would allow for people to bring marijuana into places like bars, clubs, as well as theaters that would have special areas designated to vaporized cannabis as well as pot smoking as long as the consumers are 21 or older and cannot be seen within 25 feet of public spaces.

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