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Marijuana stocks have remained quite positive over the course of the past few months to a year or so. Of course, we can’t forget that there is a high amount of volatility in the market overall, but pot stocks have managed to remain relatively stable.

With so much going in the industry, it seems as though it can often be difficult to pick a pot stock that lines up with all of the proper criteria. While many think to look at the companies that grow the substance, there is often a large amount of potential lying in the companies that offer alternative services to the market overall.

A Top Choice for the Alternative Cannabis Stock Space

CLS Holdings USA (CLSH) currently operates as one of the most diverse cannabis companies in the whole of the pot stock industry. Additionally, CLS Holdings works through their wholly owned subsidiary, Oasis Cannabis. For those who don’t know, Oasis Cannabis is one of the major retailers of the substance working out of the Las Vegas, Nevada market.

One of the main claims to fame for the business is that they have managed to create a patented proprietary method of cannabinoid extraction. With this extraction method, the company is able to consistently produce products with an extremely high level of quality.

In addition to producing cannabis extracts, the company has stated that they also work within licensing operations, processing operations, processing facilities, product sales, and brand creation/consulting services. Because of its broad scope, CLS Holdings continues to illustrate why they have so much potential for the future of the marijuana industry.

Big News for CLS Holdings

CLS Holdings recently reported to the public that they ended the month of April with record sale results. The company showed that they finished the month out with around $1.14 million in revenue which is quite high for a singular month.

[Report] A Bullish Case For US Marijuana Stocks: One Stands Out

In regard to the Oasis Cannabis subsidiary, the company saw revenue of around $650,000 which is up more than 50% from the same period last year. Additionally, the retail store was able to serve a whopping 15,000 customers in the single month, which just goes to show how much potential they have to continue growing. All in all, CLS Holdings continues to present investors with new opportunities for the future of the marijuana stock world.

HEXO Corp. (NYSEMKT:HEXO) is considered to be one of the largest growers in the marijuana market. Despite this, they have not received nearly as much coverage as some other companies in the industry.

The company recently struck a deal with Molson Coors Brewing Co. to begin the exploration into the world of cannabis-infused beverages. The beverage market associated with cannabis has become one of the most promising aspects of the space in the modern day.

The company has continuously illustrated their drive for growth in both the cannabis manufacturing sector and the alternative product market within the industry. Pot stock investors should continue to watch HEXO Corp. as we head toward the future of the market.

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