Marijuana has the healing properties to alleviate chronic pain caused for example by cancer and muscle spasms due to multiple sclerosis, referenced from an international study financed by the Federal Office of Public Health.
The office stated it would consider the medical advantages of using marijuana which not permitted in Switzerland when granting special exemptions.
It stated on Monday that in order to be allowed to make these exceptions in a more efficient way to hit the target, it had commissioned a systematic review of the pro’s and con’s of the medical use of marijuana.
The metastudy included evaluating 70 clinical studies with more than 6,000 who participated. It arrived at the conclusion that using marijuana was accompanied by an alleviation of symptoms, however, alterations couldn’t be found for all the indicators which were being analyzed.
Yet, efficient proof could be found for cancer-related pain and spasms in correlation to multiple sclerosis. Positive effects as well were documented concerning post-chemotherapy nausea, weight loss among AIDS patients, sleep deprivation and Tourette’s syndrome.
Marijuana displays to be less efficient for symptoms of anxiety, however, Short term side effects could involve a dry mouth, sleepiness nausea or drowsiness.

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