Currently, there is a lack of standardization in regards to strain definition and identification for cannabis. Most people buying cannabis, for retail or wholesale, make their decisions largely dependent on the name of the stain they are purchasing. Therefore, this creates an issue as there are no widely accepted and scientifically backed agreements for classification of cannabis strains. Buyers are left making their decisions without any true knowledge of what they are getting. An independent cannabis testing and media firm, Digipath, Inc. supports the industry’s practices for dependable testing and delivers cannabis news coverage and education about the industry.

They are comprised of two business units, Digipath Labs, and TNM News Corp. Digipath Labs is attempting to set the industry standard for testing all forms of cannabis-based products. They plan to use patented standard operating procedures to ensure product safety and efficacy with FDA-compliant laboratory equipment. TNM News Corp. has founded a news network focused on cannabis, The National Marijuana News, that delivers education, interviews, and news on all things cannabis. Digipath, Inc. has a vision for establishing a classification of cannabis strains based on science and not their names. The Chief Science Officer for Digipath, Inc., Dr. Cindy Orser, Ph.D., plans to use its large cache of cannabis chemotypical data to bring a market solution to these unaddressed issues in genotype stratification.

The company is aware that the lack of standardized naming conventions in the industry is making it harder to know what is on the market to make effective comparisons. This issue is impacting many things such as confidence at the dispensary in knowing what you are buying, and regulatory problems in terms of trademarking and patenting strains. Due to these issues, people are forced to pay a premium to know that their flower has been authenticated to know that they will obtain the desired experience. A large amount of cannabis testing labs are complying with the minimum state-mandated quality assurance testing protocols as well as basic chemoprofiling of cannabis and related products.

Digipath Labs has decided to start a multivariate analysis with over 4,000 chemoprofiles from flower samples in attempts to authenticate the flower. The company expects to consolidate the unique flower chemoprofiles to approximately 25-30 chemotypes with shared cannabinoid-to-terpene values. These chemoprofiles will be influential in defining clinically relevant chemotypes hiding behind an excess of strain names. These efforts by the company will help buyers understand what they are actually buying and bring to light what is hidden beneath the pseudonyms given to so many cultivars. This company will allow consumers to be more confident at dispensaries and allow other companies to trademark and patent strains.

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