Marijuana Stocks Down In 2024

Passing Federal Reform Could Help These Marijuana Stocks Rise

When it comes to market movers for marijuana stocks none has done more than news on federal reform. Historically when progress on the subject is known this creates a rise in trading. The cannabis industry is growing at a fast pace and those who work in the industry legally need better laws. Unfortunately, cannabis is still federally illegal even though more than half of the US has legalized cannabis. As well as other global regions like Canada and parts of Europe.

In recent news Senators and congressmen have been pressing the government and DEA to federally legalize cannabis. At this point, more politicians will not be satisfied with just rescheduling cannabis all-out legalization is now the target. This news once again has led to a nice recovery in the stock market for cannabis stocks. Right now people are taking advantage of these moments as this past year was a good time to find marijuana stocks to buy.

Now without the federal reform being passed, there is still some doubt for investors. This has been the main factor that has created most of the volatile trading the uncertainty of what will happen. Especially when dealing with your money and wanting to make more it’s not worth the risk to some. However, there has been too much revenue and progress overall to stop or shut the industry down. Only time will tell but with 2024 as an election year hopefully, this is the year we see cannabis finally federally legal. Below are some marijuana stocks to watch this month for better trading.

Marijuana Stocks For Today’s Watchlist

  1. Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (OTC:PLNH)
  2. The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc. (OTC:CBSTF)
  3. Glass House Brands Inc. (OTC:GLASF)

Planet 13 Holdings Inc.

Planet 13 Holdings Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis company, with award-winning cultivation, production, and dispensary operations across the United States. In recent news, the company announced it would restate certain previously issued financial statements. planet13

More info to follow in the coming days. These last few weeks PLNHF stock has seen its rise and fall but it could be on the way to seeing better trading this month.

The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc.

The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc. engages in the cultivation, manufacture, and provision of cannabis products and related services in the United States and internationally.

On January 22nd the company announced a debt repurchase agreement to reduce leverage by up to $25 million. The agreement (the “Agreement”) with certain offshore institutional investors (the “Investors”) to conditionally effect such repurchase (the “Repurchase”) for common shares of the Company.

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Glass House Brands Inc.

Glass House Brands Inc., through its subsidiaries, cultivates, manufactures, and distributes cannabis bulk flowers and trims to wholesalers in California. GLASF

Recently the company announced it has started cultivation in Greenhouse 5 at the SoCal farm.

Highlights And Key Mentions

  • Greenhouse 5 is expected to produce about 250,000 lbs. of cannabis per year
  • Glass House’s production capacity will increase to over 600,000 pounds annually, an expansion of over 70% vs. current capacity
  • First revenue is expected by early Q2 2024

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Words From The Company

Kyle Kazan, Glass House Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO stated, “We are proud to announce that we have successfully commenced cultivation activities at Greenhouse 5 only seven months after starting to retrofit the facility for cannabis use. The new greenhouse is a sister greenhouse to the currently operating Greenhouse 6 at our SoCal Farm, and both greenhouses are Kubo Ultra-Clima models which utilize state-of-the-art positive pressure in their design.”

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