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This week has seen some wild swings up and down for a bunch of familiar marijuana stocks and some that may not be so familiar. It’s been a week of accumulation for some, resurrection for others and a coming out party for one. All and all investors finding the right stocks to court seem to be content with their choices for now. Lets take a snapshot of the sector in : The Week in Review….

OXIS International, Inc.(OTCMKTS:OXIS)

This week Oxis has essentially been going sideways with some nice dips and bounces of the 50 day moving average. The volume has been very good and actually getting stronger which is important for traders and investors. The swings have been between 20-30%, but what is very telling about OXIS right now is that it is mirroring the movement it had from January to February while it was in the 2 cent range for almost 2 months before it made it’s move into the 4’s & 5’s. Biotech stocks are very much in demand these days on the big boards and the OTC, LBIO which we see as Oxis’ cousin is trading at around $12 on the Nasdaq, if you held that Tony Cataldo stock when it was .02, reversed (in Order to bring in serious funding) and then up-listed then you are a seriously happy camper. So far MGMT has kept their word while increasing shareholder value. Full Disclosure Oxis is my biggest position, and i’m comfortable holding a core and trading a core on spikes. I anticipate some new news to take this to the next level. The week has been a good one with the buy/sell ratio near 70/30% in favor of buying. As for todays news about the trading resuming on the EuroNext its best summed up like this… MM’s will not be able to mess with the share price by shorting it in the OTC & Covering on the EuroNext. As I’m writing this OXIS has dipped and I just added.

MassRoots Inc (OTCMKTS:MSRT)

Thursday Mass Roots which is a very popular App in the Cannabis space went public in my eyes pretty quietly. It is a company aimed at bringing all things cannabis into a social network setting. I saw one tweet describing it as “Facebook on weed,” well at $1.07 it sounds like a bargain if they can capture 1% of FB’s audience. IPO’s are always tricky especially when it comes to technology that’s not Apple or Google. Take KING or ZNGA for example, they have gaming apps that essentially print $ every single day, yet the market does not like them. KING’s IPO last year opened at $22 and it now trades just under $17, but has gone as low as $10, ZNGA fared far worse (but they don’t have Candy Crush). MSRT should be interesting, other MMJ IPO’s in the last year include TWEED & Bedrocan all down off their IPO price, but I will reach out to the CEO next week to see what’s truly up with Mass Roots.



Has been in the last week wildly volatile, and while we like it we were able to stay objective on April 1st when we called the top and told people “taking profit will be the smartest thing you do today on $THCZ.” SInce then it has plunged from .30 to .07, bounced back to .19+ and dipped back down to .15. The last week has been a traders dream where people are making money flipping it or even gambling with their profits. THCZ’s biggest issue is that they still have a Skull & Crossbones on This symbol is obviously meant to scare people off or at the very least tell investors that there is a heightened level of risk associated with the stock. As far as the week goes all you have to do is look at the chart, its a proverbial roller coaster.


What a week it has been for PZOO as the low of the week was .0049 and as of right now the price is .01 and hit .011 yesterday when healthy profit taking took place to cool down the RSI and create a dip to .008 that was bought back by the same people holding a core and trading spikes. This Hold a core trade a core strategy is essential to PPS growth as it creates steady layers of new investors coming in. I always advise people to sell a portion of their holdings on these 30% spikes. Obviously you can ride it out, but this is a way to protect your sanity in the OTC as well as your investment. So what has changed with PZOO? Well they are partnering with a prolific lab known as Steep Hill, who is very well known in the Cannabis space and they work with many well known cannabis providers as well as have clients that generate very healthy revenues. As for PZOO, we would like to welcome them to officially in an effort to create organic awareness for the company & transparency for investors.

Blue Line Protection Group Inc (OTCBB:BLPG)

Blue Line Protection group is still what we consider here at an under the radar gem in the cannabis sector. Investors should note that they are far from just a Marijuana Security firm and offer some of the most recognized marijuana producers in the nation a cornucopia of services from banking options to vault storage of cannabis and vast sums of cash. Media wise they have been covered by CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business and so on. Our feeling is that once people see that they are revenue producing juggernauts with a massive expansion footprint happening now the PPS will reflect their actual value. As such it is our belief that BLPG is still undervalued! With that being said the stock is trading nicely from an accumulation standpoint and is still 20% above where we started covering it (.165).

In Closing:

As for the Marijuana Sector in general there have been some companies that have come onto the radars of marijuana investors and provided great trades that we have noticed. These are companies OSLH (OSL Holdings Inc), LIBE (Liberated Energy), & PMCB (Pharmacyte Biotech). OSLH is interesting as they are up about 500% since announcing that they are potentially partnering with Cheryl Shuman one of the most visible females in the entire cannabis space. As we are now in April it’s important for traders to follow the volume, keep their ear to the ground and be on the look out sector catalysts like this one we found about the DEA tripling production of Medical Marijuana and what it can mean to MMJ being a schedule 1 drug. All in all it has been a good week for those people that have a strategy for all the Marijuana Stocks they choose to buy and sell. Cheers-

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