The Drug Enforcement Administration is proposing to adjust the established 2015 aggregate production quota for marijuana which is schedule I controlled substances under the archaic  Controlled Substances Act. Basically, prior to 2015 there was a quota for production that was about 125,000 grams (125lbs) to 400,000 grams (881lbs) that was used for a bunch of things like research. The funny thing about this document is that it is a complete contradiction to schedule 1 status that states “The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.” Research you say, but I thought there was no need to study MMJ?


In the Daily Journal for the United States government document this statement is made which is pretty telling:


Based on unanticipated medical, scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States the DEA proposes to adjust the established 2015 aggregate production quotas for the schedule I marijuana to be manufactured in the United States in 2015. The adjustment is necessary to provide for the estimated medical, scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States, lawful export requirements, and the establishment and maintenance of reserve stocks.

If you would like to see the actual link once I’m done with what will surely be a short winded diatribe click here.

SO what does this mean? Basically the United States via the DEA have torn through the amount of Cannabis they thought they would need when they set the quota in September of 2014; now they need more. This time around they are saving some for a rainy day or have allocated the above amount for various types of research. The impact of all this remains to be seen, but as polling data shows that a supermajority of Americans think Medical & recreational marijuana should be legal in some capacity adds fuel to the fire. I find it extremely patronizing when I look at the drugs that Marijuana shares a cell with on Schedule 1 row. They are as follows:

Schedule 2 drugs aren’t much better, they are a who’s who of big pharma products that are wildly abused, but the two that stick out in my mind on that list are Cocaine & Oxycodone. Are these bureaucrats mental or something? Do they think that the American public doesn’t know which one of these drugs could kill them quicker? To my knowledge Marijuana has killed no one, ever! That can not be said for Cocaine, Heroin, Alcohol, or cigarettes. The sooner they change marijuana to a schedule 2 or 3 drug the sooner we will stop making fun of them. You would think that the capitalist in them is screaming to get it done, but this document is important.


We pride ourselves on connecting the dots within the Marijuana Industry and the impact of a schedule 1 change can not and will not be ignored. It is the hammer that will create the first cracks in the federal prohibition of marijuana stance. The impact of which will have far reaching ripples that reverberate from Wall Street to the prison industrial complex, from a new green rush of business and an industry we as a nation can lead. Let everyone know that we are watching closely and the time for government patronizing it’s citizens when it comes to Medical Marijuana vs all the really bad drugs that aren’t schedule 1 are over. Share this article, lets get to work…


-The Wolf


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