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The narrative has been the same since we began discussing it earlier this week. MJ stocks have started to see some bullish sentiment build. Heading into Friday, is that ready to continue? Check out today’s must-read morning updates:

2 Marijuana Stocks to Watch In Q3

The marijuana stock market has grown substantially in the past few years. In the past few months, however, we have seen some instability overall. This volatility is something that some investors look for as it gives two potential benefits. For one, it offers a chance to potentially buy a company at bare bottom prices. The other opportunity comes as it allows for greater potential gains. It is important to keep in mind that there is a greater potential for losses as well with this heightened volatility.

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Top Marijuana Stocks 2019

Marijuana stocks battled throughout the month of August. In fact, with concerns over earnings and industry growth, it was hard to find to pot stocks to buy. But with summer coming to an end, September has typically been a pivotal month for the sector. Historically, the cannabis industry has been cyclical in nature.

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How Are Cannabis and Tobacco Impacting Young Adults

There was a recent study that could impact the cannabis industry regarding tobacco and nicotine. It suggests that the more cannabis is legalized, the more harmful it becomes when cannabis and tobacco are used together.

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