There was a recent study that could impact the cannabis industry regarding tobacco and nicotine. It suggests that the more cannabis is legalized, the more harmful it becomes when cannabis and tobacco are used together. Cannabis companies could see a negative impact due to these findings. Using this combination results in poor functioning, mental disorders and many other severe cases. It is highly advisable to avoid consuming cannabis and any tobacco or nicotine products together if you want good health.

The marijuana stock market could be slightly impacted by this news as well but not very severely. A study like this is not out of the ordinary. It is the same with alcohol. You should not mix different types of drinks or drink and take other forms of drugs.

Also, it is said that cannabis mixed with tobacco or nicotine products like vapes results in a dangerous by-product. This has become a very important concern within the marijuana industry. Mixing cannabis and tobacco is more common in other countries compared to the U.S. However, in recent years, cannabis and tobacco or nicotine co-usage in the U.S. has risen among adults, especially younger adults.

Greater Risk for Young Adults

The study shows that people are suffering from multiple things when combining the 2 substances. This includes getting a mental disorder, skipping school and an increased tendency to fight and get in more trouble. Nonetheless, there was a positive part of the study. This part of the study was focused on if young adults used both products but not on the same occasion. It did not show greater risk compared to those who used only one of these products.

These results could help decrease potential mental health problems and positively impact society. It has raised a very big concern among adults. It was also observed that students aged 18-25 consume more cannabis than other age groups.

“How these products are used together matters in terms of potential consequences and functioning among people in their late teens and early 20s. Our findings suggest that we can no longer just think about the consequences of tobacco use or marijuana use alone — we have to think about them together,” said Tucker.

How Should The Marijuana Industry React?

It is also seen that people consuming cannabis and tobacco or other nicotine products are rated to have a more functional disorder that around 17%. And those who are not consuming this together results in 14%. So, the time is now to take some relevant steps and help the future of the country. Marijuana companies should start making some important decisions related to cannabis and tobacco products.

If companies like Canopy Growth, Aurora, or Tilray who are big pot stocks act switfly, it could be beneficial. Little things like warning labels on their products and websites could show consumers they are looking out for their well-being. Also, they could donate proceeds to help people who have been directly impacted by this.

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