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How Next Month Could Be Crucial For These Two Marijuana Stocks

The month of June has been mostly good for marijuana stocks with some bad days. As always, we know that cannabis stocks are notoriously volatile. This volatility can be a major positive for some pot stock investors, but for others, it can be a deterrent to investing in the cannabis industry. Despite widespread positivity surrounding the next few years of marijuana stocks, things seem uncertain in the short term. Short term meaning the next six months or beyond. Much of this is due to the effect that the coronavirus has had on certain cannabis stocks. As we near the end of June, we have seen a spike in COVID cases, which has done the opposite for cannabis stocks.

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But, with any major drop in pot stocks to watch, there is always some value to be found. This value can be hard to locate if one doesn’t know where to look, but it is out there. Although the pure-play pot stocks may be the more volatile choices right now, others seem to be a better option. Both swing trading and long term holding are valuable strategies when investing in cannabis stocks. With that in mind, these two pot stocks are definitely worth taking a closer look at.

A Leading Canadian Marijuana Stock to Watch

OrganiGram Holdings Inc. (OGI Stock Report) is one of the most prominent Canadian cannabis stocks in the industry. The company has supply agreements with all ten of Canada’s provinces which is not something that any other marijuana stock can say. In the latest OGI stock report, the company posted an 8% drop in revenue to around CA$23 million. But, OGI stock may only see losses from this temporarily as it was from a write-down during that period. Since that time, the leading pot stock has made big strides in the right direction. OGI stock has benefitted greatly from OrganiGram’s entrance into the derivatives market. Organigram

Because derivatives only became legal in Canada’s cannabis industry this year, the potential has yet to be tapped into. OrganiGram has major investments in this area of the market which could prove fruitful come the next few months. In addition, the company recently got its largest international supply deal for cannabis that it has ever gotten. The deal with the Israeli cannabis company, Canndoc, should help to give OrganiGram some much-needed profitability. For that reason, the company remains a marijuana stock to watch.

An MSO Pot Stock That is Getting Back on Track

Harvest Health and Recreation (HRVSF Stock Report) is a marijuana stock that has gone through some troubles in the past year. HRVSF stock has disappointed some due to some deals that did not go through a few months back. But as a company, Harvest Health looks like it is in a strong position for long term potential gains. HRVSF stock has however seen some solid gains from its operations in several key state markets. These markets include Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania. In its most recent first quarter, HRVSF stock reported $45 million in revenue. Harvest Pot stock

This is an almost 20% increase from the previous quarter. Many expect that given the COVID-related increased cannabis demand, HRVSF stock could potentially see another boost in the near future. The company has stated that for the 2020 year, it expects to see somewhere around $200 million in revenue. While that may be high, any number close to that would be quite good. For that reason, Harvest Health continues to be a marijuana stock to watch.

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