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Buying Marijuana May Not Be All About Finding The Highest THC Product

With consumers and cannabis stocks working to find the highest THC marijuana in the cannabis industry, it seems as though THC may not be the best marker to use. A new study conducted in the U.S. shows that high THC cannabis may not be all marijuana stocks crack it up to be. But, with so many cannabis companies working on producing the highest potency plant they can, why are we all about THC as the only identifier for a good product? If you go to a local dispensary whether owned by a big name pot stock or a local businessman, you’ll see shelves lined with extremely high THC cannabis. When we say high THC, we mean anything from 25% and up.

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Many cannabis stocks and mom and pop shops have taken to selling these products a a much higher price than lower potency forms. But, new studies are showing that just because there is more THC in a product, doesn’t mean that it will get you higher. Some analysts are likening using THC as a marker to buying something just because the label looks nice. And while marijuana stocks like to use high THC numbers to mark up a product, it may not be all it’s cracked up to be. The study conducted recently shows that high THC marijuana, may not get users higher than lower forms of the substance. But, this is worth taking a deeper look at.

What the Research Says About the Cannabis Industry

The recent study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder shows several things about the cannabis industry. With several marijuana stocks to watch like Flowr Corp. (FLWPF Stock Report) that produce ultra-premium cannabis, these results show that the market may not be as in need as previously imagined. The study worked to show the experience of around 120 consumers who all use marijuana on a regular basis. In the study, two groups were given cannabis of varying strengths.


The findings showed that the group given the higher THC produce did not in fact show results that they were “higher” than the other participants. One of the researchers stated that “people in the high concentration group were much less compromised than we thought they would be. If we gave people that high a concentration of alcohol it would be a different story.” As more and more large cannabis stocks work to create ultra-potent cannabis, there may not be such a need for the product after all.

What We Can Assume About the Future of the Cannabis Industry and Pot Stocks

A lot of money continues to go into the cannabis industry to fund research to find high THC cannabis. With oils and tinctures containing high amounts of these substances being used by large amounts of participants, it seems as though these companies may need to reconsider. Of course, there are benefits to using higher THC levels such as for those with certain conditions. making moves pot stocks

But, what this really says about cannabis and the cannabis industry at large is that we don’t know much about marijuana. The hopes are that as we move forward, studies can continue to be conducted to show the true effects of cannabis. For now, however, this is definitely some solid food for thought.

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