Back in early February is when legendary country singer Willie launched his new CBD Brand “Willie’s Remedy” which specializes in a product called Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee. With the increase in demand for the product, the company has decided to launch an additional line of hemp-based tinctures. The plan of action is to match the distribution with the demand that has been set, along with new ways of including Hemp oil benefits into the daily routine.

About Tincture

The tincture, the company has managed to come up with is a hemp oil based tincture, which is a mixture of hemp flower specially grown and further undergoes a special process in order to be at the standard of a full spectrum extract.

Now when discussing the consumption of his hemp tincture, there is no rule to consuming it. One may consume it directly or choose to add the tincture on to there food. It is recommended consuming a drop of this tincture at the start of the day as this tincture is fat soluble, it would easily combine with all the other oils. You may as well use it in the form of dressing, adding it to your favorite flavored smoothie.

Products Features

This product is available in both 10mg CBD and 25mg CBD per serving sizes. Future plans of the company, founded by Willie Nelson and Annie Nelson are launching confections, vaporizable hemp oils and topical’s. The duo believes in the benefits cannabis has to offer the world would help all such people in need. Now when the hemp production is not stifled, hemp would be of great support for all the small and independent farmers. The duo has been personally curating the line of products and has stated they wish to offer quality American based hemp wellness options for people of all age groups.

The new tincture has now been made available on the official website of Willie’s Remedy with appropriate pricing varying in all ranges.

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