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A recent study suggests that as cannabis is being legalized in more and more countries, research has shown it can be harmful when cannabis and tobacco or other nicotine products are used together. This results in poor functioning and other health complications and many other severe cases. It is highly advisable not to use cannabis and any other tobacco or nicotine products together if you want good health and a cleaner cannabis experience.

The people consuming both tobacco and weed products results in poor functioning than those consuming separately. This has become a very important concern among people. Mixing cannabis and tobacco is more common in some other countries compared to the U.S. But in recent years, cannabis and tobacco or nicotine co-usage in the U.S. has risen among adults.

Greater Risk for Young Adults

Young adults who used both products in the past year, but did not use them on the same occasion, did not show greater risk compared to those who used only one of these products.

This results in a decrease in mental health and impacts society. It has raised a very big concern among adults. It is also observed that students of the age group 18-25 consume more of this than other age groups.

“How these products are used together matters in terms of potential consequences and functioning among people in their late teens and early 20s. Our findings suggest that we can no longer just think about the consequences of tobacco use or marijuana use alone — we have to think about them together,” said Tucker.

It is also seen that people consuming cannabis and tobacco or other nicotine products are rated to have a more functional disorder by 17%. And those who are not consuming this together results in 14%. So, this is high time now to take some relevant steps and help the future of the country by taking some important decisions related to cannabis and tobacco products.

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