2 Marijuana Stocks For Your Watchlist In November

With how low marijuana stocks are trading now seems to be another buying opportunity. Many investors feel a possible run is in the works with the eventual ending of marijuana prohibition. So with this understanding, people are on the hunt for the best cannabis stocks they can buy. Now there is no way to know when this will happen so a the moment there is some speculative buying happening as well. Nonetheless, the cannabis industry as a whole is growing and progressing day by day. Even with now legislation for federal reform state-level cannabis reform is also evolving.

These developments have come in the form of over half of the United States legalizing cannabis in some form. Whether it be medical or recreational legal cannabis is taking over the U.S. As well as other regions around the world such as Canada and Europe. Nevertheless, a growing interest in investing in legal marijuana is happening around the world. Mainly due to how widely accepted the plant is than ever before. At one point, cannabis was the cause of reefer madness in the US. However, as mentioned above times have changed.

Marijuana Stocks And The Growing Cannabis Industry

The industry is still young and developing day by day. As more things start to emerge from the industry it is inherently opening new doors. Right now there are many ways to become invested in legal cannabis with marijuana stocks being a bit easier than others. Especially with how the sector is performing. So if you are looking to invest now is a great time to build a portfolio of the best marijuana stocks to buy. With this investors are watching the market with a close eye for any changes that may take place. The anticaption is that at some point a rise will come and some marijuana stocks could see an increase in trading.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Month

  1. Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC:TCNNF)
  2. Agrify Corporation (NASDAQ:AGFY)

Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. together with its subsidiaries operates as a medical cannabis company. The company cultivates and produces products in-house and distributes its products to Trulieve branded stores (dispensaries) in Florida, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In the company’s most recent news it has announced the reopening of a dispensary in the Arrowhead area of Jacksonville, Florida.TCNNF pot stock
The location is Trulieve’s 102nd in the state of Florida and was formerly branded as Harvest House of Cannabis. The reopening follows the Company’s October 1, 2021 announcement of its closing the acquisition of Harvest Health and Recreation Inc., at which time all Harvest locations in Florida were closed for rebranding to Trulieve.

TCNNF Stock Performance And Market Update

Even though TCNNF stock sits at a better position than most cannabis stocks the company still struggles. Since the start of August, TCNNF stock has seen a loss of upward trading momentum. Much of this drop continued throughout the month heading into September. When the start of September began TCNNF stock was a bit more volatile with its performance. Now even with this up and down trading, the company was still trading down in September. It was not until the 14th of September when TCNNF stock started to see more momentum. This momentum led to the company seeing a recovery in September. Yet this recovery started to subside moving closer into October. TCNNF stock ended September slightly above where it opened at the start of the month. Currently in October TCNNF stock is still down and working to build more upward momentum.

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Agrify Corporation

Agrify Corporation develops precision hardware and software grow solutions for the indoor agriculture marketplace primarily in the United States. It offers vertical farming units, integrated grow racks, and LED grow lights; and non-proprietary products. Back on October 19th the company announced it will introduce vertical farming unit next-generation technology.

The upgraded VFUs offer updated features integral to cultivator success. Which included industry-first 3.0 micro-moles per Joule, NSF certified lighting, cameras, soil sensors. In addition to automated harvest weight tracking, and will be available in the first quarter of 2022.

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Words From The Company

“These enhancements which seamlessly integrate with our Agrify Insights software should maximize the ability of our customers to produce more consistent, efficient, and higher quality crop yields,” said Agrify CEO Raymond Chang.

AGFY Stock Performance And Market Update

At the start of August, it looked like this marijuana stock was going to be unstoppable. For most of August AGFY stock for most of the month was on an upward climb. This helped shareholders to see big gains from their investments. Now at the end of right before the start of September AGFY stock was not able to keep this rise going. So at the start of September, this marijuana began with a large drop in trading. Still, even with drop-in trading most of September some subtle gains were made along the way. Towards the close of September the company had a small pick-up in trading. But at the start of October AGFY stock would face another decline in the market. Currently AGFY stock is still down and shareholders are trying to remain positive about future trading.

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