Medical marijuana has become a trendy subject for the big apple. The five winners for New York State licenses to cultivate and distribute marijuana could be announced as soon as this week. However just across the border over in Canada, medicinal cannabis has been legal for quite some time. Businesses like MedReleaf has run a sophisticated medical marijuana growing operation for a little more than a year.

“It might seem to some that [the facility] is just a room with a bunch of plants in it, but there is actually a lot of technology that goes into this and obviously a lot of money behind it,” explains the company’s C.E.O., Neil Closner.
MedReleaf has great hopes to bring its expertise to New York State, with a similar compound in our back yard
Here is the current situation in New York:
There is a list of 43 bidders who are looking for one of the 5 statewide licenses to cultivate and sell medical cannabis. MedReleaf has teamed up with compassionate care center of New York. The idea is to open a place in the Village of Newark in Wayne County
In the room dubbed “The Mother Room” Closner outlined their business model “This is essentially where production for our entire building begins. We keep our original genetics, or sort of our crown jewels of the company are in this room.”
After the early stages of production, the offsprings of the mother plants are transferred to the clone room where they are closely monitored. The plants are then moved to one of four flower rooms at MedReleaf.
All of which is controlled by one computer system.

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