It’s interesting that some states are willing to legalize marijuana recreationally and medically, but they aren’t allowing all forms of it. Many states have an issue with the idea of smoking marijuana, and many of them have placed bans on it. They want people to only consume non-combustible forms of the drug, but people continue to test the boundaries with marijuana laws. These lawmakers are claiming that smoking marijuana presents health concerns, and that is the reason for its ban, but many people are determined to get it legalized in all forms.

Canada, which is known for ts progressive laws concerning the usage of marijuana is even having an issue with people smoking marijuana. There is a town in Canada that has a real problem with people smoking marijuana just casually on the streets. The city officials of the town claim that they are planning to ban all forms of smoking indoor and outdoor public places, but we aren’t sure if this will be enough to stop people. The mayor of the city, Bill Sternberg, made a statement regarding the issues presented about people having the ability to smoke marijuana freely, “Parks, the streets, the sidewalks — everywhere except private property. You could still smoke on your own lawn in your backyard.” Even places like Canada recognize that stricter laws concerning the regulation of marijuana need to be set into place to ensure the safety of the public.

Some people have a big problem with the gesture of not being able to smoke marijuana. This fight has pulled some weight in Pennsylvania as smokable forms of the drugs could end up legal in the state. Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program entered the law in April of 2016, and sales of the drug have been a much more recent edition. The state has taken their time in setting up the framework and regulations that they want placed on marijuana so everything can be kept under control. It didn’t take long before major changes were made to the program.

People who are pro-marijuana make the point that smoking cannabis is a lot less harmful for you than smoking tobacco. On the other hand, lawmakers come back at them saying that regardless smoking in general is bad for people’s health. As of now dispensers have only been able to see concentrates, pills, and tincture, and all of these forms of marijuana require strict processing. Aside from the ban, it is still a large possibility that smokable forms of the drugs will be legal within the state soon.

Many states are confused on where they stand regarding the issue. Many of these states are just concerned with the legalization to start with let alone what forms people can consume the drug. There are places like Massachusetts that are currently focusing on getting the drug into the state to start with. Legalization within Massachusetts has been a continuous battle, but lawmakers are attempting to set up this regulatory framework for program. The state is finally seeing some positive feedback as retail sales are a possibility for the state very soon in the future. Even so, the state will have to take a position concerning smokable forms of the drug once the program begins.

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