hemp legalization

Society has really split into two widely accepted political groups, and those are republicans and democrats. Republicans historically have always had more conservative views while democrats have always tried to push the limit with radical and liberal ideas. Our Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is a republican that took the public by surprise when he announced a bill known as The Hemp Farming Act of 2018. His goal is to legalize hemp, and this would cause hemp to not be listed as a controlled substance anymore, but instead it would be a agricultural product. This would allow hemp to be sold as if it was any other agricultural commodity.

A bill as important as this would have a huge impact on the current restrictions and regulations on hemp. It would also enable researchers of hemp to apply for grants through the Department of Agriculture, as hemp would be treated as a regular product.

The bill is receiving a decent amount of support because McConnell announced this bill with another Republican Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner that goes by the name of Ryan Quarles. Aside from its two major leaders, the bill also has co-sponsors, Ron Wyden and Rand Paul. The support of such powerful and influential people will carry a great amount of weight in gaining popularity and acceptance for the bill. A pilot program is already being conducted as we speak, and it is through the Department of Agriculture to grow hemp.

McDonnell recently spoke at Frankfort, Kentucky and elaborated further on his intentions with the bill. “I just had an opportunity to see some interesting and innovative products, some of which you see here on the table, made with Kentucky-grown hemp…Sunstrand, based in Louisville, contracts with farmers in Henry County to grow hemp that they process into a number of consumer products including home insulation.”

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