Along with bringing massive gains to investors over the course of the past few months to years, the cannabis industry’s growth has also brought with it a whole new slew of jobs and markets for individuals to get in on. With everything from the ancillary industry associated with cannabis to helping to sell the plant at the retail level, it seems as though this is just the beginning of job growth in the cannabis sector.

In recent times, many job agencies have reported increased numbers of popular jobs showing up in the cannabis space. These jobs have popped up in the legal cannabis cultivation market as well as retail management. In the future, some studies have shown that the cannabis industry is projected to grow by as much as 220% in this coming year alone. One of the most popular and obvious jobs for individuals to seek out has been working in a grow house and bud tending jobs. These have been amongst the most popular due to their exposure to the outside world and how many their seem to be out there. With new dispensaries opening every day around the country and the world, the need for those who know a thing or two about the cannabis plant is also growing. These jobs in finance, compliance and operations have grown by as much as 700% in the past year or so which is quite staggering considering where the industry was only a few years ago. With average sales on the rise as well, it’s clear that the cannabis industry in the present is extremely exciting for those on the job hunt.

Although there are many jobs at the lower level of the market, many individuals have been working to seek out higher level jobs such as director-level and beyond. These require a large amount of training beyond normal experience due to the fact that not many know the ins and outs of the complicated cannabis space. One of the primary issues with this has been the advent of legalization and the legal standing of cannabis in various places. In the U.S. specifically, one of the well-known problems has been that companies are not able to have bank accounts due to their federal illegality. This has caused concern over payroll issues as well as general business practices. Aside from this, it seems as though the industry has been able to grow unobstructed by other factors.

The two most promising markets across the industry for jobs has been that of Canada and California. Canada of course due to their longstanding history of approval for the cannabis plant and California due to the sheer massive size of the market. With legal marijuana sales hitting almost $10 billion in the U.S. in 2017 alone, it seems as though as the industry continues to grow, more jobs will continue to be available to those looking. The hopes are high that over the course of the near future, the legal issues with the cannabis industry will begin to settle down so that individuals can have an easier time getting work in the space, and companies can begin to ease their worries about how to deal with normal business complications.

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