These Cannabis Stocks Are Looking Toward the Future


The cannabis industry has remained notoriously lucrative over the course of the past few years and especially months, but in recent times, the market has been able to bring in a whole new slew of investors due to increased confidence in the space overall. Throughout the course of September 30 of the most popular cannabis stocks put in double-digit gains throughout the month, leading many people to keep a solid watch on cannabis. Many companies have been able to come to the forefront of the market amidst the changing space of recent, and here are just a few that investors have continued to watch.

One of the companies that have been not as well known in the space but still one of importance has been the company New Age Beverages Corp. (NASDAQ:NBEV). The company has been a part of the recent climb and rally for beverage companies to get into the cannabis space. The company has also stated that they recently have begun their entrance into the CBD or cannabidiol based beverage industry and subsequently saw a rise of as much as 261% at one point during September.

Debuting at the North American Convenience Store show in Las Vegas, it seems as though the company has been gaining a lot of notoriety since the announcement of their new CBD beverage line. As many people in the U.S. look for an alternative way to consume cannabis, it seems as though drinks have become one of the most popular options. For now, however, the company has not managed to hit its mark with selling the product which has made investors wary, but this should not stop them from watching the stock in the coming months as these drinks become more normalized.

The company Integrated Cannabis ICNAF/(CSE:ICAN) has been one of the interesting cannabis stocks to watch in recent times. According to one report “Integrated Cannabis Company, Inc. is comprised of dedicated scientists and product engineers who are passionate about health and creating health and lifestyle products utilizing advanced delivery systems and formulations.” The company has stated that they have several lines of cannabis-infused tinctures to help with a variety of ailments as well as giving the user desirable effects in the short term. The company has seen a large amount of growth as they continue to secure various deals within the industry to ensure supply can continue as well as other factors. All in all, Integrated Cannabis remains one of the stocks to watch as we continue to move toward the future of the industry.

Cannabis as a whole has continued to be one of the most intriguing sectors of our time as new innovation and the changing landscape continues to make growth one of the top priorities. The hopes are high that in the near and not too distant future, companies like the ones mentioned above can continue to present themselves as pushing the market forward with new products and new ideas. Only time will tell how the advent of regulation and the changing public sentiment can all contribute to massive growth in the coming years.

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