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Nearly 30 South Plains residents gathered in Lubbock Sunday, seeking political coaching as they prepared to rally for changes to Texas’ marijuana policy.

They attendees requested this training from Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, a statewide coalition who provide training on messaging and how to win over the ears of public officials.

“Way too much money and way too many lives are being impacted by our current marijuana policy [in Texas],” said Heather Fazio, at the event.

Fazio is the Texas political director for the Marijuana Policy Project, she helped lead the training session in Lubbock. Fazio is helping to train aspiring activists in Lubbock to defy some of the stereotypes around marijuana policy.

“We’re working with a broad coalition in Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, that’s comprised of organizations that span the political spectrum, this isn’t just stoners and hippies and liberals anymore, these are conservatives that want to be involved in this issue, that want to see more limited government and to see accountability,” Fazio explained.

” marijuana, it’s something that’s not going to happen in Texas anytime soon,” Frullo said.

” Frullo is referring to a bill proposed by a state panel that aimed to legalize recreational marijuana use in Texas in 2015.

“I’m not for doing anything to legalize marijuana,” Frullo added.

” Frullo is concerned that changing marijuana policy could make the substance more accessible, leading users to other drugs.

He welcomes feedback from people like the marijuana policy activists in Lubbock, but can’t picture his fellow representatives voting to decriminalize marijuana anytime soon.

A Petersburg, TX resident who attended the training said that he believes West Texans seeking marijuana policy change haven’t been vocal enough with their state representatives.

“People living in small communities, you have people who don’t get to get out and we have home-bound individuals, where the possibility of medical marijuana could really improve their quality of life and even get them back into the workforce,” McKennon said.

McKennon explained that he doesn’t use marijuana, but he believes that for some of his friends and neighbors, medicinal marijuana would improve their quality of life.

Fazio explained that in the last Texas legislative session, marijuana policy reform received more support than ever before, so she has high hopes for the upcoming session.

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