WPTV reported that Florida has chosen five dispensaries for CBD strains. Those dispensaries are: “Hackney Nursery (serving the Northwest region of Florida), Chestnut Hill Tree Farm (Northeast), Knox Nursery (Central), Alpha Foliage (Southwest) and Costa Nursery Farms (Southeast, which includes Miami).”

Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 1030 that legalized Charlotte’s Web in June 2014, however, the Department of Health went through a heavy selection process. The decision required over 600 pages to trim down the first 28 applicants to the final five medical marijuana dispensaries. One of the largest supporters of Senate Bill 1030, State Senator Rob Bradley, was ecstatic upon hearing that the dispensaries have been chosen.

“I think now the attention should be focused on the industry to make sure that they cause no further delays and we move forward getting this product to these suffering families as quickly as possible,” he stated.

Unfortunately, there are still issues in the way. For instance, there are nurseries legally challenging the licenses awarded to those who got it. Also, the five dispensaries chosen now need to ask for “cultivation authorization” within 75 days. Once approved, the dispensaries must be giving out low-THC products such as Charlotte’s Web within about 7 months. The five dispensaries also have just two weeks to post a $5 million “performance bond.” The only nurseries eligible for licenses were those that were in the business for at least three decades and growing 400,000 plants.

One of the most interesting providers that did not receive a license was Loop’s Nursery in Jacksonville. This shocked many because of their partnership with the Stanley Brothers—the Colorado-based family creators of Charlotte’s Web, made by mixing marijuana strain with hemp, which resulted in a plant with CBD which gives therapeutic relief without the ability to get high which is caused by THC.

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