While a ton of the world’s leaders are still treating cannabis as if it were a beast attacking a newborn baby, a recently released drug map shows that there are a couple of leaders that still believe the propaganda and are antagonizing marijuana; this is leading to a global revolution. Put together using the newest United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report, Recovery Brands, addiction treatment group, has written up a portrait of how the world is currently handling illegal drugs.

The report reveals that cannabis is the most widely used substance on the Earth. After tallying up data on dangerous drugs such as painkillers, the group suggests that more people would rather indulge in marijuana than heroin. Yet, as the report indicates, opioid addictions are nowhere near resolved.

“Although opioids are the most treated drug in the world, they are not the most consumed,” the report states. “With only a few exceptions, marijuana is every country’s top drug by the proportion of users.”

The United States has legalized marijuana both medicinally and recreationally in over half of the country. In addition, the country is definitely home to a large portion of the marijuana reform. However, surprisingly, the report indicates that Iceland is the global leader in marijuana smoking endeavors; more specifically, 18% of its population smokes marijuana. Another fact that arose was that while most of the world is interested in marijuana, some countries actually prefer meth to marijuana.

In countries such as El Salvador and the Philippines, the preference is speed while in Scotland and Spain, the preference is cocaine. When looking at whether or not a country offers drug rehabilitation rather than jail time, an embarrassing reality is revealed. It turns out that the only country that puts more people in jail for a drug offense than the United States is Thailand, a country where at least 20 grams of marijuana is needed for it to be an offense.

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