Health Canada recently released information in regards to an exemption to current marijuana regulations to allow Canadian licensed growers to make oils for medical marijuana patients. While members of he industry agree the action is a move down the right path, some supporters have stated the new rule is anything but perfect.

Health Canada’s Section 56 Class Exemption for Licensed Producers, are left from the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, which is a result of a recent Supreme Court ruling having to do with marijuana preparations and derivatives; the exemption gives licensed cultivators to make and distribute marijuana oil and fresh cannabis buds and trim as well as dried marijuana, within specific guidelines.
The exemption lands under health Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, Which develop controls over the creation and distribution of marijuana
CanniMed Ltd., A wholly owned subsidiary of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Prairie Plant Systems Inc., has already used resources to investigative studies and developing marijuana oils, Brent Zettl president and CEO of Prairie Plant Systems and CanniMed, stated to MJINews. In addition, Zettl said that the company has the operating system and locations needed to work with this next step in its corporate business model.
CanniMed is a licensed producer under Canada’s Marihuana for medicinal reasonings regulations, and its medical grade marijuana is cultivated under Good Manufacturing Practices regulations, Canada’s pharmaceutical development specifications. “Patients using the high [cannabidiol] CBD strains have all been asking for oils,” Zettl stated, nothing that vaporizing or smoking is not a choice for patients with particular ailments. “This is going to greatly expand our business and what we can offer patients.”
For the patients who at a prior time bought cannabis oil from the gray market, or illegal dispensaries, the new guideline will enforce patients to have the access to products that are consistent and labeled with correct info, Zettl stated.

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