With the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington, there are about 3 ways to gain access to marijuana from a recreational marijuana dispensary, from the black market or from medical collectives. Medical dispensaries have always been a section of gray area, however, this has switched. The laws pertaining to the sale of medical cannabis are at last clear, and police officials are starting to tighten up.
Until SB 5052 was signed back on the 24th of April 2015, the state of medical cannabis was cloudy at best. SB5052 properly mixed recreational marijuana Initiative 502 and the medical pot market. The reason is to develop a pipeline with the cannabis market in Washington State so that it all comes under the same regulatory guidelines, the Liquor, and Cannabis Control Board.
King County law officials officially stated that it would be backing SB 5052’s systematic guidelines which made unlicensed collective gardens against the law. The prosecuting attorney, Dan Satterberg, said, “The law is now clear. The only way to sell marijuana is with a state-issued license.”
There about 15 marijuana shops in the area that are breaking the law. The new outlook following the new law is stern, yet the approach that is being used by law officials is easy for now. letters have been sent to collectives, let the business know what “It’s time to start wrapping up your business if you don’t have a license.” While officers are currently not busting down doors, police officials encourage those working illegally to stop business until proper licensing is done.
SB 5052 states that all marijuana cultivators, processors and retailers of medicinal cannabis are required to obtain permits from the Washington LCB, and like the recreational market, all inventory will have a clear route from seed to sale

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