Small amounts of marijuana have been decriminalized in Illinois and instead of receiving jail time, offenders will merely need to pay a fine. Governor Bruce Rauner passed this bill on Friday that makes the state the third largest to decriminalize small cannabis offenses. The new law, which is going to take place as soon as possible, makes having ten grams or less of cannabis a civil offense, punishable by a fine of up to $200.

The Republican senator was predicted to pass the measure since it included dialect he asked for after vetoing a similar bill a year ago. In his message to administrators at the time, Rauner said that current punishments for frivolous pot offenses were excessively serious and that “criminal prosecution of cannabis possession is also a drain on public resources.”

The new law additionally sets a standard for what’s considered excessively impaired, making it impossible to drive. At present, any hint of cannabis is sufficient to be viewed as hindered. However, cannabis advocates have since quite a while ago scrutinized zero-resistance states’ methodology since pot can stay in a person’s blood for a few weeks. The new law makes the standard five nanograms of THC, marijuana’s inebriating substance, in a driver’s blood inside two hours of utilization.

With Rauner’s mark, Illinois joins 16 different states, including New York and California, that have decriminalized pot ownership in little sums. The representative’s office said Rauner would not be saying anything about the bill’s passing. Police boss and sheriffs have communicated reservations about changing the law and worked with Rauner for quite a long time to get ready for its execution. One police boss said he’s worried more individuals will have access to cannabis on account of the change. However, the counter argument is that these people were going to get their hands on the drug no matter what.

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