German officials are lighting up marijuana in a whole new way. It is typical for law enforcement agencies across the world to destroy seized marijuana. What’s not typical is when law enforcement takes the seized marijuana and turns it into power, that is what Germany has done with millions of dollars’ worth of marijuana.

A recent report by Süddeutsche Zeitung, stated that Germany’s customs officials spent a good amount of time brainstorming for a better approach to get rid over 1,200 pounds of Albanian Kush, instead of just burning it behind the station. Last December, a shipment valued at $6 million was confiscated and the country has been storing it since. The shipment was discovered in a big rig being driven by a 61-year-old Serbian man. The man, who is still in jail and will not disclose the source of the massive shipment as recreational marijuana remains illegal throughout the country.

The typical approach for destruction would suffice in this case with such large amounts. Someone in the department then suggested the idea to transport the large supply a waste-incineration plant where it could be turned into power. The locals over the next few days will be provided with light and heat from the destruction of the pounds of marijuana, not so bad at all.

“The incineration of the material is used to generate heating and electricity for the people in the region,” plant manager Thomas König said in an interview.

Although last year, Germany had legalized the use of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana remains illegal. The country does not have “grow” laws in effect yet, so they are unable to cultivate their own medical marijuana and need to import it into the country. But, in Germany, it is only considered “self-harm” to smoke marijuana, rather than being a full-fledged crime.

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