The big question nowadays when electing someone to office is whether or not they will legalize marijuana. Labour Leader Andrew Little does not know whether or not he wishes to hold a referendum on marijuana if he is elected to government. Guest-starring on a radio show at Victoria University, Little was asked if he would decriminalize the drug. Little stated that he “will look at holding a referendum.” Now, though, it seems as though he is not as interested as he once seemed.

“I’ve been very clear, it’s not a priority, I’ve got no commitment to make about it; it’s not a priority,” he said in another interview.

In the end, he was asked to be direct and state exactly what he believed about marijuana. He was asked “so you will possibly have a referendum?” and responded with: “Yeah, we want to make sure that there’s a good information campaign about it and have a referendum on it and let people decide.”

They also asked how important it was to him, but Little added that it surely wouldn’t be done within the first hundred days.

“[It] may not even be in the first term but it would be something I’d be happy to see at some point in our term of government.”

But when another magazine reminded him of what he had said, he was quick to argue against it. He became a bit aggressive and even took the transcript from the reporter. After reading it, he stated “How much of a priority? Not much… not 100 days… not this, that or the other. It simply is not a priority; I have no comment to make about it.” He did continue to say, however, that he would surely consider the referendum.

“We would look at having a referendum if the circumstances arise.”

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