After watching Hillary Clinton accept the nomination for President a few weeks back much to the bemoaning of Bernie Sanders supporters, something awful emerged; Doctor Jill Stein. I first heard her name after a sad Bernie Sanders Delegate said with sorrow in her eyes she would be voting for Jill Stein because she didn’t trust Hillary. I won’t lie, I had a chuckle, it just seemed so silly to me. The next time I saw her name was on a Facebook post (argument) where someone I knew as a former #FeelTheBern supporter said she was voting for Jill Stein because she didn’t like Hillary Clinton. When asked if she liked Clinton better than Trump she relented, “If I had to choose one it would be Clinton, but they’re both corrupt, let Trump win, the system is already broken.”

Onlookers to the Jill Stein phenomenon understand why some (not all) Bernie Sanders supporters are turning to Dr. Jill Stein; they’re dumb. They would rather cut off their nose to spite their face than accept the reality of the two party system. They fail to reason or even consider that Dr. Stein has much more in common ideologically with Hillary Clinton than she does with Donald Trump. The only thing she has in common with Trump is they both say some really dumb things despite being Ivy league educated, like the time Jill Stein told a constituent that “kids shouldn’t be exposed to wifi (true story, Google it). Or the time she said #Brexit was a “victory for those who believe in the right of self-determination,” even though people got hornswoggled into thinking leaving the EU was a good thing and got played off immigrant fears from the touts (Trump actually said both things). Hilariously, the people that fit the Jill Stein/Bernie Sanders demographic in Britain were the progressives who were opposing it and were educated enough to understand it was a bad thing. Yet, Trump and Stein were proved to be morons when a Trillion plus dollars got sucked out of the markets and Brits woke up to their once strong currency in complete freefall.

I don’t mean to pick on Jill Stein, I could very easily say ditto for Gary Johnson, but that Brexit statement really pissed me off. For the Bernie supporters thinking about voting for Lord Voldemort (I’ve said her name too much) I wanted to discuss some election year history.

Do you remember the 2000 election, where coke snorting Yale Alumnus George W. Bush was battling creator of the internet Al Gore? If you’re part of generation X or Y you likely have a visceral memory of everything that followed the election of George W. Bush; 9/11, War in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the worst economic meltdown since the great depression. If you’re a millennial you “totes” remember graduating college with insane student debt just after an economic crisis, gas being almost $4 a gallon and living with your parents for much longer than you anticipated.

To be clear, I don’t blame the following 8 years all on the Bush himself. If I was going to point fingers at someone in the administration for the egregious cronyism, war mongering and deregulation I’d blame the guy that had his hand up Georges skirt; Dick Cheney. But I digress from the point of all this Bush Bashing and how I’m going to wrap the title of this article “Dr. Jill Stein is Ralph Nader” into a pretty little bow.


In a very close race, it all came down to the electoral college and the state of Florida for Bush Vs Gore, or so we thought. When the votes were counted Florida ended up giving us President George W. Bush by a measly 537 votes. Let that sink in, George Bush Beat Al Gore (the guy would have fought climate change) by 537 votes. This is where a third party candidate like Ralph Nader ended up altering the course of history by not dropping out of a race had no chance of winning. Nader, a Harvard educated Member of the Green party (like Stein) stayed in the race in true selfish asshole style, racking up 97,488 votes in the state of Florida and giving George W. Bush the victory. Nader wasn’t a bad guy, his politics were much more in line with the Democratic Nominee than the Republicans. His rhetoric in 2000 was similar to Bernie Sanders, but it doesn’t change the fact that he ended up helping out the bad guys, my party, the GOP. Yes, I’m a Republican, but I’m not stupid. If I had to choose between the Ebola virus (Trump) and Herpes (Clinton) I’ll choose Herpes. I can live with Herpes, but I don’t want my daughter living in a world of Trump. Idealism goes out the window at some point and reality sets in. These are your choices and the math says, every Green Party or Libertarian vote cast is a vote cast for Trump at this point. This isn’t the election to sit on the fence, this is going to impact history.

To Bernie Sanders crowd flipping over to Dr. Jill Stein I’ve listened to your side of everything with slight indifference as you’ve become apathetic and insouciant towards the short-lived, but intensely emotional time you spent stumping for Bernie. I understand that your feelings have thinned, hearts hardened, but now your voice speaks painful platitudes. And while I wanted to gaze past the unquestionably fragile and perhaps frightened veneer I simply cannot. I feel little but remorse and even frustration towards you at this point because it seems you lack the understanding or courage to do the simple math. At one time or another I too felt the #Bern (not herpes), but the reality set in. While the exuberance we demonstrated with naked curiosity and a rich sense of wonder might be lost with Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary, your country still needs your loyalty, intractable spirit, and unrelenting introspective nature to figure this all out. Jill Stein is Ralph Nader and I don’t want an Orange face megalomaniac to be the leader of the free world my daughter grows up in because you feel there’s a sense of betrayal.

Jason Spatafora

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  1. The Nader myth is just a myth. There where 300,000 Democrats who voted for Bush in Florida and Gore couldn’t even win his home state. It us up to the candidate to run a strong campaign and after Clinton sold out the American worker with NAFTA, people where clamoring for something different.

  2. First off, Al Gore won the 2000 election by a larger margin than JFK did over Nixon. But because you are too cowardly to do anything about that, you prefer to busy bashing Nader because it makes you feel good? And let me make ONE thing crystal clear to you– IF NADER HAD NOT BEEN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2000 and 2004, and the only choices were the “left” and “right” fists of corporate rule, I STILL WOULD NOT HAVE VOTED FOR AL GORE OR JOHN KERRY, or ANY corporate-funded puppet they put the “left” fist!!!!!!!! YOU GOT THAT??!! Unlike you, my hatred of republicans extends to all those who support their same corporate masters, so you can give up your little fantasy land scenario of Nader supporters rushing to vote for Al Gore or John Kerry, okay?

    Second of all, tell me– Who provides endless funding for the republican party? It’s the 1%, right? It’s fossil fuel investors like the Koch brothers, right? So, after 8 years of watching “our nation’s first black president” hand over unprecedented power over to the 1%, you seriously argue that we should do that again, with Clinton?

    If you think a little puppet like Trump is all the justification for voting for a psychopath like Hillary Clinton supporters, then you are truly sick in the head!!

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