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Our newest Connect the Dots feature was just published on December 10, 2018, and to say the least, it looks like this is a company that has just begun to hit the ground running in the Canadian cannabis and healthcare market.

Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) is gaining more attention as the month rolls on and most importantly, the sheer momentum we’ve seen has been nothing short of impressive.

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Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) has not only seen a big breakout move to kick-start the week, the “hits kept coming” throughout the day on December 11th.

As we highlighted in the December 11th afternoon update what we’ve seen so far is right in line with the new action the cannabis space has started to see again and this could lead us to believe that there may be a Santa Claus rally in the works for pot stocks.

But more importantly — and similar to December 10th’s trading — Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) hit early morning highs, pulled back, but then continued to see even stronger activity later into the afternoon…especially during the last half hour of the day!

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The big focus for us is on what Connect the Dots means. Historically, these featured companies haven’t been flashes in the pan; they have seen a long-term interest. Just look at some of the history of our Connect The Dots features

A History Of Connecting The Dots

We believe Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) could be following suit. Not only has this caught even more attention as the week goes on, the late afternoon momentum we saw from December 10th translated into an even stronger open on the 11th. Could the same hold true heading into December 12th?

The Calm Before The Storm?

Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) has gotten off the ground running. Not only did it have one of its most active days in the history of it being a public company but we also watched it explode to highs of $0.7287; up 17.5% from the opening bell. Continuing this same trend, Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) ended up running to highs of $0.79 before the closing bell; a firm 11% from its previous close and a move of nearly 30% in 2 days.

Did we see a pullback today? Definitely and it could have been expected after such a strong run on December 10th but to be honest, we saw something AGAIN that we noticed on Monday as well…

…The afternoon session was nearly just as active as the morning session, and that’s when things got even more exciting.

Initially, Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) reached about $0.76 and seemed to make that the high of the day for the majority of the session.

But as we all saw, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) pushed through heavy resistance at $0.76 on its way to the new HOD of $0.79. But unlike yesterday, it wasn’t just the last 15 minutes of the day that we saw bullish momentum, it was the entire final hour of trading that the amount of momentum we saw could continue to set a tone in the market.

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It doesn’t take long to see it either. Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) saw one of its most significant 1 hour trading periods within the LAST HOUR of the day on Tuesday, December 11th. Just like we saw on December 10th when the final period of trading set a bullish tone for December 11th, could this bullish surge set the tone once again for Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI)?

Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI): Getting Down To Business

As we continue coverage of Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI), it’s important to “look at your surroundings”. In our opinion, this latest move to acquire a Canadian (key word there) pharmacy could be much more than just an opportunity to sell prescriptions. The pharmacy industry in Canada could be on the verge of big potential now that cannabis is legal.  In fact, Shoppers Drug Mart for example, has been granted a license to sell medical marijuana online and we’re sure they won’t be the only ones.

Health Canada’s list of authorized cannabis sellers and producers has been updated to reflect that the pharmacy can sell dried and fresh cannabis, as well as plants, seeds, and oil.

The spectrum of offerings has just been widened and those companies getting a foot in the Canadian pharmacy market right now could have the upper hand as this market continues to expand.

Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) not only has a large patient pool and a “foot in the door” with this LOI, but they’ve also got telehealth technology in place to stay at the forefront of this new market directive! Just look at what the MAJOR cannabis companies are starting to do.

Aurora Cannabis, for example, just purchased Farmacias Magistrales in Mexico…they’re going after pharmacies to grow! Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) is already hot on this trail while also having MORE PATIENTS under its umbrella than some of the largest cannabis companies in the industry.

When we talk about timing and connecting the dots, this is what we’re talking about. With Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) charging along, this could be just the beginning!

When we talk about timing and connecting the dots, this is what we’re talking about.

Some Closing Thoughts

If you are reading this for the first time, over the last four years, we have selected only a select few companies to be featured in a “Connect the Dots” segment.

As the marijuana industry continues to evolve into what could become the most excellent investment opportunity since the Internet Boom, so do the Marijuana Stocks subscribers. We take great pride in providing you with the most up to date industry and financial information available today.

Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) is our newest Connect The Dots featured company, and we’ve only JUST released our full report this week.

As always, it is our goal to bring continued coverage and immediate updates on the companies. Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) may be setting the stage to capitalize on what could be one of the biggest industry booms our generation has seen, and it all starts here. Let’s also not forget the big news that was just released today & another potential catalyst for the cannabis industry as a whole: The Farm Bill passed the Senate! If you’re unfamiliar with this, check out our full article, “The Farm Bill Passes The Senate; Moves To House.

There’s a lot going on from both a technical perspective and market perspective in our opinion not only withPremier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) but for the cannabis sector as a whole. Right now could be an important time to be watching this sector, in our opinion.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow all developments with Premier Health Group Inc., (OTC: PHGRF) (CSE: PHGI) and if you haven’t read our full report, click the link below.

Click Here To Read The Full Report On Premier Health Group (OTC: PHGRF)(CSE: PHGI)

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DISCLAIMER: Pursuant to an agreement between an affiliate of MAPH Enterprises, LLC (owners of, MIDAM VENTURES, LLC and Premier Health Group Inc. Midam was hired for a period from 10/1/2018 – 4/1/2019 to publicly disseminate information about Premier Health Group Inc. including on the Website and other media including Facebook and Twitter. We were paid $300,000 (CASH) for & were paid “500,000” shares of restricted common shares (as of 1/2/2019). We own zero shares of Premier Health Group Inc., which we purchased in the open market. Once the (6) Six-month restriction is complete on 4/1/2019 we plan to sell the “500,000” shares of Premier Health Group Inc. that we hold currently in restricted form during the time the Website and/or Facebook and Twitter Information recommends that investors or visitors to the website purchase without further notice to you. We may buy or sell additional shares of Premier Health Group Inc. in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. FULL DISCLAIMER HERE

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