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Relevium Technologies Expands Cannabis Footprint in Canada

In the coming weeks, the Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party will vote on the C-45 bill to make recreational cannabis a reality in Canada. The passage of such a bill will send shockwaves throughout North America as Canada would be the first G 7 country to take a pragmatic approach to a global war on drugs. It cannot be understated that with this time of legislation some companies are both prepared and unprepared for a marketplace set to expand as it cannabilizes an illegal black market and brings consumer products which will be both cannabis & CBD based much to the dismay of the alcohol industry. Why is the alcohol industry fearful? Likely because data suggest that by 2020 cannabis & CBD sales will outpace their own sales.
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InCaseYouMissedIt: GT Biopharma Announces Update To OXS-3550 IND Filing, Its Most Advanced Tri-Specific Killer Engager
LOS ANGELES, CA, May 16, 2018 – GT Biopharma Inc. (OTCQB: GTBP and Euronext Paris “GTBP.PA” or the “Company”), an immuno-oncology biotechnology company focused on innovative treatments based on the Company’s proprietary platforms, has reported that it expects to file the Investigational New Drug Application (“IND”) for OXS-3550, the Company’s most advanced Tri-specific Killer Engager (“TriKE”) product candidate, in mid-2018.
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An affiliate of MAPH Enterprises LLC, MIDAM VENTURES LLC., a Florida Corporation has been compensated $2,000,000.00 by a GT Biopharma Inc. for a period beginning August 1, 2017 and ending ending May. 31, 2018 to publicly disseminate information about (GTBP). Midam owns zero shares. Pursuant to an agreement between Relevium Technologies Inc (RLV), we were hired for a period of 3 months from 4/10/2018 – 7/15/2018 to publicly disseminate information about (RLV) including on the Website and other media including Facebook and Twitter. We are being paid $90,000 (CASH) for or “350,000” shares of restricted or unrestricted common shares. We own zero shares of (RLV) which we purchased in the open market.We may buy or sell additional shares of (RLV) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information.

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