The Coronavirus has swept its way across the market over the past month. In that time, world markets have declined to lower levels. But with this massive selloff comes the opportunity to find potentially lucrative marijuana stocks to buy at lower prices than usual. For those not privy to the MSO market, these marijuana stocks have managed to make continual gains while others have failed. MSO or multi-state operator pot stocks work by owning retail dispensaries around various states in the U.S. Because of their role in the retail market, they are not nearly as subject to the volatility of pure-play pot stocks. In addition, these companies have managed to be more profitable than almost any other area of the cannabis industry.

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One of the main reasons for this is that the majority of MSOs are vertically integrated. This means that margins can remain extremely high throughout all areas of their business models. But investors should be aware that currently, the whole cannabis market is quite volatile. This is again, due to the Coronavirus and its effect on larger world markets. Hopefully, the panic selling will begin to calm down and consistent gains can once again come into play. For now, however, these two MSO pot stocks are definitely worth watching.

Marijuana Stock To Watch A Major U.S. MSO

Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF Stock Report) (GTII) is one of the largest MSOs in the industry. The company currently has a market cap north of $1.3 billion. During trading on March 10th, the company saw its stock shoot up by as much as 7% before falling back down to the $5.70 mark. What makes it so interesting is that Green Thumb has one of the highest counts of retail licenses in the entire U.S. It currently holds as many as 96 retail licenses. Some have stated that if it is able to fully capitalize on all of these licenses, it could be one of the first MSOs to reach over $1 billion in sales.GTBIF

For now, the company is working on its two key markets of Illinois and Nevada. These two states represent very interesting and budding cannabis markets within the country. Green Thumb has operations in 12 states in the country so far but with these additional licenses, that number could skyrocket in the next few years. So for the long term, Green Thumb Industries is definitely a marijuana stock worth watching.

Is This The Largest MSO Pot Stock In The Country

Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF Stock Report) (CURA) is widely considered to be the largest MSO marijuana stock in the industry. The company has a massive market cap of over $2.2 billion. This number also should shoot up after its 7% gains during the trading day on March 10th. What makes the company so interesting is its recent acquisition of Grassroots, another U.S. based MSO. Although this acquisition is not fully finalized yet, it looks like all signs are quite good. Currently, the company has a presence in as many as 20 states around the country. This gives it the largest presence in the nation. marijuana stocks to watch Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) (CURA)

With the acquisition mentioned above, the company will have as many as 130 retail licenses. In addition to this, it currently operates as many as 75 dispensaries. Because of its sheer size, the company has continued to make huge waves across the industry. With volatility high right now, investors should look for a dip in the company’s price to see whether or not this is a pot stock to watch.

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