In the coming weeks, the Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party will vote on the C-45 bill to make recreational cannabis a reality in Canada. The passage of such a bill will send shockwaves throughout North America as Canada would be the first G 7 country to take a pragmatic approach to a global war on drugs. It cannot be understated that with this time of legislation some companies are both prepared and unprepared for a marketplace set to expand as it cannabilizes an illegal black market and brings consumer products which will be both cannabis & CBD based much to the dismay of the alcohol industry. Why is the alcohol industry fearful? Likely because data suggest that by 2020 cannabis & CBD sales will outpace their own sales.

While many companies are falling over themselves to get licensed and try and compete with the Canopy’s (TSX:WEED), Auroras (TSX:ACB) and Green Organic Dutchman’s (TSX-V:TGOD) of the world many are missing the opportunity to create supply chains,direct to consumer online portals and strong CPG brands and marketing threby becoming vertically integrated in many marijuana and CBD facets of the industry. Relevium Technologies (TSX-V: RLV) (OTCQB: RLLVF) is one such company that is both generating revenue from product lines as well as positioning themselves for a new ecosystem that builds off existing business rather than pie in the sky business set way into the future. Last month Relevium formed a strategic partnership with Nasdaq listed Neptune Wellness Solutions (NASDAQ NEPT) to combine their MaxSimil® technology that enhances the absorption of lipid and lipid-soluble ingredients in the production of nutraceuticals, a move that when combined with Neptune products and efficiencies can expand and create a product base outside of target markets. The nutraceutical market is a multi-billion dollar vertical for the cannabis as consumers are becoming more health conscious and getting a better understanding for the many benefits of endocannabinoid molecules & their benefits, it is also a big reason why the pharma industry is petrified of marijuana and CBD based products, but I digress.

The Neptune deal is one that I think the market missed for whatever reason, but its one that plays into a strong online presence that Relevium already has on Amazon for their core Bioganix brand. BioGanix also recently announced the integration to and with eyes set on further European and Asian expansion in the future. What investors and readers should gleam from financial reporting is that the company is moving product, and a lot of it, but what they should keep in mind is the intrinsic value of repeat customers and brand ambassadors that likely have no idea this is a public company. They are simply using the products and hopefully telling a friend to try it and those details should be visible in the companies financial filings. As Relevium expands product lines and builds brands to cater to the cannabis market, financial results should be positively impacted through H2 2018 and well in to 2019. I think that the market in general has missed the fact that Relevium’s model is a relatively easy one to execute given that it is an extension of what they are already doing. For them, product hits the shelf in a matter of weeks or months not years.

Lastly Relevium’s wholly owned subsidiary Biocannabix Health Corp is positioning itself to evolve and adapt to the marijuana space as the company has recently announced its plan to apply for the ACMPR license as well as hire a top notch consultant in the field with a track record of doing business with top tier companies in the public and private LP (Licensed Producer) sphere. Last week the company announced it engaged PipeDreemz Inc. to guide the company with advisory services and to prepare the company’s ACMPR application in Montréal, Québec. This is important because the application process is not an easy one and when companies cut corners on the paperwork, land acquisitions or facility construction they can be catastrophic for investors both public and private alike. Having a veteran ACMPR consulting firm (PipeDreemz is) whose operated in the medical marijuana space for over 8 years and has notched 23 highly advanced facilities in Canada currently in construction as an advisor is a move that should pay off down stream.

The companies that will seperate themselves and insulate themselves from the cannacopia of public companies trying to do “this” & “that” will be the ones that are either exceptionally well financed with a solid team, companies that already have existing businesses/products/technology that is scalable and companies that have both. In the Pot Stock, Marijuana Stock markets investors should always keep mind that this is a marathon rather than a sprint and it’s always a wise move to compare and contrast companies by the progression of their business, their financial strength, and the saturation of the markets they are in. And just because a company doesn’t grow cannabis (YET) doesn’t mean they aren’t making more money monthly than companies that are; Time to put your due diligence hats on.

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