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As legalization continues and popularity for marijuana grows, people have gotten quite clever at identifying all the many ways marijuana can be useful. People want to focus on all the positive benefits of the drug and demonstrate how they outweigh the negatives that others may come up with.

A plane was recently made from cannabis and what’s even more interesting is that it’s also powered by the drug. This could be a huge move for environmental activists because our everyday planes give out so much pollution. The plane is completely run by hemp oil, and everything down to the seats is made up of marijuana. Hemp is much stronger than steel and it also weighs a lot less, and therefore it requires a lot less fuel to get in the air.

Its strength also allows it to withstand heavy weight and bend in a way that metal doesn’t. The most important benefit of this all is what it does for the environment. The growing of hemp requires less water and it even puts nutrients back into the soil. Steel, on the other hand has a much more negative impact on the environment, and before the government restricted the growing of hemp it use to be one of the most widely used crops.

The interesting findings of marijuana don’t stop there. People recognize that not only is marijuana a helpful drug for people, but also for dogs. New York state might be the first to legalize marijuana for pets. A New York Assembly woman, Amy Paulin, proposed a bill to state lawmakers about allowing veterinarians to prescribe medical marijuana to pets who are ill or suffering. The idea is to also eliminate opioid medications for animals as America fights their own battle against opioid use among people. There has already been several tests and evidence to support its usefulness, but its just a matter of lawmakers also being able to see this vision.

The support for cannabis ranges all over the nation and people desire to bring these supporters together and work for the marijuana movement as one unit. Los Angeles is planning to open a coworking space specifically for members within the cannabis industry. The name of these spaces are called Paragon space and they made a statement about what they are creating. “The concept for a Paragon Space was derived from the persistent lack of working spaces for entrepreneurs and employees working in and for the cannabis industry.”

People will be able to acquire offices, conference rooms, and lounge areas all through the website. The marijuana industry is usually broken up due to the fragmented support of the drug across the nation. This working space seeks to unite members in the rising field. The company has even found ways to get around the banking industry of it all as they will allow everything from rent payments to a coffee at the cafe in the form of their own cryptocurrency.

People want to recognize all the good marijuana can bring medically and has a profitable business. People want to make use of marijuana’s benefits in every possible way, and now there might also be a way to unite all these positive ideas.

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