In recent news, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has come out stating he will attempt to hit the legal marijuana industry very heavily. Sessions assembled a task force to help him combat the industry but the group has yet to help him find any ammunition to legally go to bat with the cannabis industry across the country.

The Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety has been unable to find any policies that even remotely match a backing for the prohibition of the plant. It is well noted that Sessions is vehemently opposed to any sort of legalization for the cannabis industry and has done everything he can to fight it.

Under the Obama administration, the Fed’s decision was simply to let the market grow in hopes that it would not only help the people but help to fend off the large black market on the product. This led to businesses flourishing across the nation and widely regarded success in various states such as Colorado.

Since day one of Sessions taking office, he has sworn that he would reconsider the policy but as of yet, nothing has changed. Sessions have spent time comparing the plant to heroin and treating it as though it is the cause for widespread violence across the country. This sounds similar to the reasoning behind cannabis prohibition in the early 1900s.

Washington D.C., as well as eight other states, have legalized the plant for recreational use, with businesses currently growing along with their tax contributions. The irony in a Republican fighting for Federal control is laughable while the rest of the country is fighting for the state’s right to control its own businesses.

Many groups across the nation are fighting for proper legislation given the vast array of scientific research, and the myriad of new disease fighting drugs coming out daily. Only time will tell what the Federal government will do to help the people who need this medicine, across the country.

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